happy memorial day!

(dillon @ the memorial day service))

thank you to all those who have served and are serving our country!
a special THANK YOU to my father!  you are my hero. 


what a day.

this day has not exactly turned out as planned.
had a 11:45 appt with a salon owner in town and a 4:00 with a new babysitter
neither happened.
left a little early to run some errands.  came out to my car---car dead.  nothing
on the phone with a girlfriend. she came to jump it for me.  her husband came too from work.
did not work.
went in to the store to get someone to help.
long story--but to make it short three hours later we are home.   yikes.
thank goodness for a good friend nicole for saving us.  driving us around and home eventually.  so nothing got accomplished today.  
drew had a great time fishing and came home with a lot of fish.  so last night we had walleye and trout for supper.  dillon ate a huge walleye fillet.  he could not stop eating.
now the storms look like they are moving in again.  oh how i love midafternoon storms.  especially when we are home with nothing to do.  all i know if the AC is going to have to turn on soon.  

this is what we have found 3 days in a row now in dillons crib
look close on the right asia is in the crib!  and dillon on the left is all smiles.  i had to go and get the camera.  i know now why sometimes dillon does not want to sleep.  he wants to play with asia.  the door now has to be shut all the way. when he is napping.
sunday afternoon was nothing but a perfect day for being out on the lake!
we spent a couple of hours out just enjoying the sun then back to the beach to play in the sand and get in the water.  i love that it is may and we can be in the water.  atleast a little.

dillon is taking a nap.
i am watching the weather and updating pLum!  and of course doing a little searching online for nothing @ all.
found this shirt from a post from free people on fb. i am in love! it might have to be a purchase when baby girl arrives!
company is coming thursday.  i have tons to do.  why am i not doing them.
maybe i will go get some scrapping done--or some cleaning in there..or the rest of the house!
have a great day!


bed head

bed head 
it is something that we have every morning in this house.  
dillon has the thickest, coarse and wild hair!  oh how i love it but man is it wild in the mornings.  
if this little girl has hair like this it might be a bit more challenging.

we have been spending a lot of time on the beach.  
playing in the sand, and even in the water.


this morning it is raining and gloomy--but the sun is going to come out and they say 83 is on the way today again!  yeah!
drew left yesterday to go fishing for the weekend with some friends 
so it is just dillon and i for the weekend.
last night we were up eating ice cream @ 9:45pm.  
normal schedule???  no idea what happened to that.
now trying to get him to nap so we can head outside when the sun comes back out!
maybe hit up some garage sales.

going to get some laundry put away that i have not been wanting to do for over a week.
oh how i hate that job.
if we ever build---i will make sure the laundry room is right next to our bedrooms.
alright here i go...i am really going to go do it!


i love....

sunny bright mornings (like today)
the lake this morning (as calm and beautiful as ever)
that dillon is sound asleep @ 8:40am.  craziness
the TODAY show
the smell of fresh buns baking!  ((they are mixing right now-oh i love fresh buns))
excited for a morning walk with dillon (mid morning the way we are going today)
((he would not be sleeping but again for the third time his appt. was canceled last minute @ the clinic so we did not get him up!!!!  that makes me so irritated.  but he obviously needs the sleep))

dillon just loves his "bai"  he calls all cats "bai" .  asia is to hard to say i guess.

this last week we got a visit from the engers.  with the yuckie weather we took the kids to the holiday inn and they played and played and played for 2.5 hours!  they had way too much fun.  we all we tired out by 8pm.  

this weekend we visited some friends.  thanks for cooking H's!  the kids had so much fun in the yard playing together!!!  so fun @ this age when they can go go go and play together!

what else?
eating out on the deck.  one of our favorite things about summer!
boat rides
playing on the deck and on the beach!  
bath night every night now that we are full of sunscreen and sand every night!
riley is visiting for the week ((drews parents are off in memphis-to find ELVIS))

i am back tonite.  dillon finally woke up @ 9am!
we had a yummie breakfast of eggs and waffles!!!  
dillon's favorite thing about the day--BREAKFAST!  what else is there?!?!?!  it is my favorite too!
watching the HILLS and the CITY is up next-oh how i love TIVO.

had a fun dinner out tonite with friends!  we are that table now when we go out.  tonight we had     4 running toddlers, 2 babies and one on the way (our baby girl).  
we may be the loudest table
the table that gets up the most to run after one of three kids
maybe have the messiest table @ the end of the meal too!  
but i think we have the most fun too!  
the CITY here i come.


our family of 4

this week we got to do a 3-D ultrasound and see our little girl. (29 weeks)
she looks alot like dillon looked when we did this.
she likes to have her hands up in fighting position so we did not get many pictures of her face!!!
she is already defending herself against her big brother!!!!  xoxoxox
but she looks perfect to us and so excited to meet her in about 11 weeks!
still am in a little bit of shock that this is all happening.
but how often do we sleep through the night (well i should say how often do i?)
this means more love.
two cribs.
more diapers.
the new baby smell.
more cuddles, kisses and hugs.
and a family of 4.  
i think this is the craziest thing to say.  

the sun is shining
dillon is still sleeping
drew is out on the lake for fishing opener!

on the to do list.
plant my garden.
play outside.
play outside
boat ride
and play outside some more!
so glad we are all home this weekend!

i was a guest blogger HERE.  love amy's style.  
thanks for letting me do a little blogging for you.

have some fun pLum accessories to work on.  better do it this morning while he sleeps in!


it is crazy to this that THIS was one year ago.
time has flown by.
i am jealous that i was heading off to a girls weekend.  might be good for me about now!   

my girlfriend bets and her son H are on their way here right now!!!  sure wish we were having better weather so we could play outside!  
watching the weather right now
and it is supposed to be 80 on monday!!! oh how i love the midwest!

yeserday dillon and i went to the Holiday inn for a swim.  it was more of a hold me hold me hold me!  but it was good to get out of the house!  maybe we will go back today!
last night dillon and i went out on a dinner date with gramma becky!  she let me pick!  i know this sounds crazy but i picked PERKINS!  drew never wants to go there and it was fun to go have something i never have!  an omelet!  thanks for dinner!

found this... love it!

Find a guy, who calls you beautiful instead of hot.
Who calls you back when you hang up on him.
Who will stay awake just to watch you sleep.
Wait for the guy who kisses your forehead.
Who wants to show you off to the world when you are in your sweats.
Who holds your hand in front of his friends.
Wait for the one who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares about you and how lucky he is to have you.
Wait for the one who turns to his friends and says, "...that's her."

back later!

happy day.

happy belated mothers day to my wonderful mother! 
i got to celebrate with her this weekend as dillon and i went home friday night for a quick visit!!!  hope you had a great mothers day mom!  you deserve it!  
i love you xoxoxoxo

i am also blessed to be a mother!  
it is a blessing each and everyday.  thank you dillon for being in my life.  
i love you dillon. xoxoxox
((the above is our attempt @ getting good pictures on mothers day))
mothers day after church we took a sunday boat ride over to grandma and grandpas for some yummie food.  
thank goodness we got to see the sun atleast for a little bit!

mom, dillon and i asparagus hunting in the hills.  oh so yummie!
dillons new thing is to call all kitty's bai (short for bailey/one of our cats) so oliver got tackled, squeezed and laid on.  and called the wrong name!!!  :)  he is a good sport.
papa showed dillon is garden!  

dillon and papa driving the pickup while hunting for asparagus.   dillon got to show off his finds too! 
he played and played and played outside @ nana and papa's.  
the dirty, the water, the rocks----it all makes for a fun afternoon outside!     

it is tuesday.  dillon is back down for a nap.  
i did some quick cleaning on my scrap room. 
i just wish i could start all over!  it is such a mess.  
but got some fun new bobby pins made for pLum.  
doing some quick cleaning too.  
this afternoon we might head over to the hotel to do some swimming!  
got to get out of this house after all of this rain rain rain.
this week we have our 3-D ultrasound too!  i am so excited.  
i do not remember my whole dream but i do remember having a baby boy!  i woke up and was a bit scared that what if.....that closet will have to change back to blue, brown and grey!  yikes!
well i guess we will get some confirmation this week!
gotta go.


i am in love....

with so many things right now.
maternity clothes not so much.  i am finding so many tops that i WANT or NEED right now and due to the size of my front side i am unable to have...... do not get me wrong i am super excited for the arrival of our little girl.  but truely can not wait to wear real clothes again.
i am trying to stay away from maternity tops.  ((i will buy if needed for the weddings we have)) and have bought jeans and will buy comfy pants for summer but tanks should do me just fine for the rest of pregnancy!  atleast i hope so!!!

loving everything @ FREE PEOPLE!  so many fun accessories and tops!  

these shoes are from IVORY and MOSS on etsy.  the whole shop is super cute and i can not wait to order these for baby girl b.  go check it out!
i have made a final decision on the dress form.  this is the one!  i can not wait to get it in her room.
i think drew might be picking up the crib tomorrow.  
found the changing pad covers on etsy also!  moving right along....... 
so many more things to do.  
like pick fabric for the bumper--and see if mom would mind sewing another for me!!  oxoxoxox
but the room is done!  thanks to the help of my parents who came friday night and drews family!  we got it fixed up, textured again and painted!  the grey looks so nice.  the closet system is in too!  some clothes are hung too!  no picture of the room.  nothing to see yet!    hopefully wont be long till there is more to show.

so in love with this top.  it comes in even more colors too.... i think i might have to get atleast one.  maybe it will fit now too!?!?!  maybe?
dillon is down for his pm nap. 
i should be napping too.  
i am exhausted but i am a sitting here blogging about nothing instead!  
dillon and i are heading to my parents tomorrow for the night.  saturday my mom and i are attending a wedding shower for my cousin!  so it will be a short trip.  but fun!
ok off to lay down.  if i do not get side tracked on the way to the couch!  


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