lets ring in the new year.

i started to ring in the new year by getting some more scrapping done
and some much needed cleaning!
not bathe time for dillon and then we need to get ready to head to a friends house for a party!
cant wait to see mr carson daly........
have a fun night all and see you next year!


i would have to say this wold be one of my favorite pictures of dillon and drew. it was captured by mandy during our recent photo shoot. it captures the bond and the all time greatest smile too!!!

my to do list
gets longer and longer each day....
the list is all pretty unimportant but all in all it is my list.
laundry. still in piles on the floor. big job.
searching for a rug for the play room. partly check. deciding on a size now is the problem.
finding something to wear for the new years eve party. have nothing! drew would not agree
organzing dillons clothes that he has outgrown.
organizing all of our closets in the basement. need a week home by myself i think....
cleaning my scraproom. it is a disaster. i need a makeover in there is what i need!!
upload pictures.
put all recent pictures on my external HD.
get some scrapping done! have tons of fun new stuff that i can not wait to use!
maybe i should start packing as i clean for our girls scrap weekend coming up too!
yikes... i better get to work.
or lay on the couch and watch the bad new REAL WORLD.
i am such a sucker for these stupid shows.


this belly laugh

there is nothing better than this belly laugh.
i could listen to this all day long! and usually do.

he is also fiercely independent.
i find him most of the time in his room playing with his tool box of toys
that papa made him.
if not there--he is in the bathroom unrolling paper or looking
in the tub and trying to get his toys!
just a quick update b/f christmas. can not believe it is already
here! all gifts are wrapped and under the tree.
excited to have our first christmas with dillon! presents are way more
fun when you have children around to open them! or atleast eat the paper!
we are heading to Gardner Christmas Eve morning and then to my parents farm
Christmas morning. so excited to see all of our family!!!


get jacking

click HERE to see the newest jack!

here is mine.
love steph wheelers style.

so go get jacking. can not wait to see everyones take on this one.

the jack girls came up with some wickdly awesome jacks!! so go now......

i am in SD overnight for my last time for work......sitting in a parking lot
scamming internet from a different hotel.... it is -7 and i am in boots, a hat, mittens and
going to relax in my hotel!!!
have a great night all.


everything happens too fast...

over night dillon has turned in to a little boy. a little boy with an adventure in his blood, silliness, stubbornness, playfulness and most of all mischievous. he is into everything...everything but his million toys. the remote, the kleenex, the toilet paper roll, the tic tacs, all of the magazines in the rack, the metal B and anything else he can get his little hands on are by far his favorites.

besides mischief bath time is his favorite thing. he could sit in there and
splash splash splash all night long.

i have been getting some scrapbooking done....and i have started some new projects too. ordered some new supplies so hopefully i will get some work done soon. i always get ideas, get the stuff and then never get the projects done. but this time with all of the random stuff i have ordered i have to get this project done. with this friday being my last day @ work i will have some more time to get some fun things done! well that is what i think.....but i think staying @ home will be more work than actually working out of the home. but there is nothing i want more right now than to spend time with dillon while i can.......who knows how long it will last. and all i know is that is growing up way too fast!

i love this picture of D playing with his toys so quietly by the window. he has become so independent. tonight as i was in the kitchen cleaning up from supper i was chatting with him and he crawled away. when i was done i walked back by the bedrooms to find him. all of the lights were off but in his bedroom but he was not in there and when i turned on the light in our room there he was snuggled up with a sweatshirt of mine on the floor. when i turned on the light he sat up and smiled. in the dark snuggling with a sweatshirt........i cant get enough!


santa baby

he is my santa baby! i got this hat randomly when we were checking out @ the grocery store....i could not help but pick it up for him!!! he thought it was pretty fun to wear! atleast for awhile!

when we were @ my parents farm last weekend! we picked up a tree @ their tree farm! wish drew was there to help pick it out with us! but it looks perfect in the basement! we light it and put the decorations on it the other night! dillon thought it was pretty neat with the lights and the wrapping paper underneath--was so super fun!!!
love my little boy with hockey hair!
cant get over how much i love this picture!

with nana and papa getting our tree.
this weekend we hung out @ home on the couch friday night! i love nights that we can turn on the fire and watch tv and do nothing @ all. we lit the tree, wrapped presents (or i wrapped presents) and dillon played with all of the paper!
saturday night the girls and i went to the KERI NOBLE concert here @ the theatre! she is such an amazing singer! if i could have one wish...i would be able to sing! it is a talent that you can always use. everyday. always!
i have been sewing burp cloths for srbaby and making a ton of headbands! i like staying busy. but sometimes those are the last things that i want to do. i would rather lay on the floor with dillon and play! it is so hard to make time to do those things i need to do. and this time of year time with family and friends is so very important! i feel like i life has gotten a little crazy lately and we need to slow down and just enjoy each and every moment!
tonight we went to a friends house for dinner! thanks! it was so yummie! they are ahving their first baby in march! a little girl. we are so excited for them!
other thoughts
can not believe this tiger woods crazziness. who knew he was that kind of person?
party crashers @ the white house! so funny. the SNL live skit was hillarious.
brothers and sisters is so good this season! watching it right now. how to sure about nora's new BF though,..... sounds kind of sneaky! she just gacve him 100,000. yikes!
i think christmas presents are stressful. and wrapping even more. it should be more fun.
can not wait to watch dillon open his presents!
gotta so watch the rest of this show. getting tense.
good night.



this is a start of a table book.......lots more to do and of course i have not worked on it in weeks..... maybe this week. i love working with the small area of these kind of books. for this one i cut my own with rnadom pieces of cardboard, plastic and paper! the pictures are kind of blurry......but i am too lazy to take them over.

off to play. got dillon from daycare early!!!!


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