is one year old today!

we love you so much SUGAR.
happy happy happy birthday my little PJ!

I can hardly believe it was one year ago today that she entered our lives.
It really is amazing how fast time goes.
She has sure turned into a spitfire lately with such a temper,
she makes us laugh all day, loves to snuggle, has the best little smile and dimple,
she loves her big brother, loves snacking, is loving the lake, LOVES to dance-so fun to
watch her wiggle around when the music comes on.
now that she is crawling she is everywhere all day.
we started out our day with our traditional pan"cake" candle breakfast. it was going well until i lit the candle and then and pres wanted to grab the fire. so the tantrum started when i blew it out and she proceeded to throw each pancake @ dillon.
so it did not go exactly as planned but next year.....there is always next year and the year after.
then off to t-ball and the park. daddy even came too to watch. home to eat lunch and nap time now. this afternoon it is beach time then Zorbaz for dinner and then off to the BECKER county fair!



life has changed....

PJ is crawling.
june 12th pres decided to finally crawl!!! (yes almost one year old)
for the week b.f she started to try and crawl a little but now you can not stop her!
so funny how life has changed now.
i love watching her go and explore.
operation close the gate has started again @ the barkers!

she is so proud of herself now. she smiles ear to ear as she crawls around the house!

see something alike in these photos. yes dillon is how loving his sister and loving to tackler her as she crawls around. she is going to be so tough! she laughs (most of the time) and just gets up and gets going again!!!

we have been crazy here.
The DL jaycee's water carnival has been going on for the last 10 days! so much fun. i think we did something each day. kids concert, kids games, chilli cook off, booth @ womens night out, little texas concert, night golf, car show, water fights, BINGO (i even won a game) bed races and today the PARADE. we did not last through the parade today. dillon kept saying he wanted to go "night night" and pres was over heating so home we came for a nap for everyone!
nothing better than a family nap!
we saw so many friends over the past 10 days going to all of these events that i might go through withdrawals now that life is going back to normal tomorrow morning!!!

drew left tonight for Bismarck to meet w.some of this clients for the next couple of days! with the heat that has made its way to MN we might be spending time in the house or in the water.
so the kids and i had a night @ home relaxing.
bath time and a movie and popcorn for us!
planning pj's first birthday party! so excited to have her celebrate and have a summer birthday! it will be a family affair in the yard! need to get in gear! the party is in 3 weeks!
my garden is growing like crazy. my peas are taller than me. really....never have they been this tall. so many peas. and of course i have not gotten out there this weekend to pick. it will be crazy tomorrow!. my am job!
pLum has been crazy too! have a to do list. i hate to say this but i am getting a bit overwhelmed. i love love love it.....and love creating but sometimes i need a break. i never want to feel that way! maybe pLum needs a vacation!
and this is why... i am missing the things i love.................
need to get scrabooking. so sad as i sat down @ my desk to make some tags for my booth @ the sweet summer night last monday (if you know what my scrap room looks like this makes sense) i was searching for certain things and found some of my old work "worksheets"....... really i have not worked in over a 18months. that is also proving that i have not gotten much scrapping done either. i have gone to my girls weekends but that is it. so tonight i got an order together online of pictures so i can start ordering pictures. so i can once again get in gear!
i miss all of the fun i have in that room. i hate missing that. so back in i go!

and yes that is prelsee playing with seaweeds on the beach.
i am a believer kids should explore and get dirty! seaweeds or not. it is ok!
she was loving it! and yes she ate a little bit of sand too!

watching tv, getting orders done and now thinking it is bed time!


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