we have been....

so busy.

first we have a new neice.
was born on saturday the 24th of March.
she is absolutley perfect.
with a head full of black hair. they are all so excited-jack is so EXCITED to be a big brother! jenn looks and feels amazing! love you all.
we love her already! xoxoxoxoxo. love being a mimi again!

we have been

i jumped in the polar plunge. got some TV time and 3rd place! my friend ron was such a trooper and dressed as a bride with me! i was his groom and he was my runaway bride! so much fun! thank goodness for the sun that day. we had a great day. after we got done we snowmobiled all day long with great friends and ended the day with fireworks on the beach.

met Tucker Hibbertt at the snowmobile races in Glyndon! so fun.
had such a fun time with the Tibbetts!

we have been playing outside like it is summer! there is nothing like summer in march!

celebrated drew and my birthdays!

final five weekend in mnpls for drew. he had a great time with so many friends! and to make it even better UND SIOUX WON!!!! go sioux sioux!

kids and i are nana and papas (twice)
bobcat rides, sledding, playing in the mud, bikes, swings, sand box and much more

nights with friends!
celebrated a dear friend BETSY's 30th birthday!

we are all moved out of the house and have been for over 4 weeks!! it has been a little bit of a transition not have our stuff-but oh so lucky to have drews parents right down the road and letting us move in. they might be ready to get rid of us now! but the house is getting closer and closer to being done! we are so EXCITED to see it all done!

love this little girl and all of her spunk. she is sassy and i would not trade that personality for the world. ok ok ok ... maybe some days!!

all caught up!


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