being the big brother....

being a big brother comes with responsibility
giving lots of kisses
sharing mommy and daddy's lap
give many cuddles and snuggles
learning to share toys. snacks. someday
((maybe just maybe)) sharing your paci's ((mee))
teaching her everything you know.
and always always always be her best friend (no matter what)

and i know Dillon is going to be the best big brother preslee could ever ask for

by now i might have met everyone on fourth floor of Innovis.  
((one of who is a friend of mine SB.  she had a beautiful baby girl this morning.  so excited for her and A.  they are going to be such great parents))
have met so many beautiful babies.  and they are all girls.
have gotten as much snuggling in as i can.
watched two movies.  
took a much needed nap.
did some online shopping.
read magazines.
making to do lists for when we get home.  
but mostly am just anticipating getting home!

Pres is being an angel.
she has been under the light going on 72 hours.  and does not fuss @ all.
i wake her to eat.  we snuggle.  read a book.  
and she goes back in her bed.  
and then soon we start all over again.
good night all.

still here.....

still here.  ((@ the hospital that is))

wishing ((oh so wishing)) i was home with both of my babies and drew starting our new life.  but instead our baby pres still has a high bili number so we are stuck here until she can either get it down or stabilize.  
we were thinking we would go home thursday night ((wishful thinking of a 36 hour discharge)) and now it is saturday afternoon and here i am.  drew had brought all of our stuff home yesterday.  so last night since i was discharged we went home.  got our stuff and went out to eat with a bunch of drews family.  ((some of his family from CA is here @ their cabin))  then back here to be with Preslee.  again this morning we were wishful thinking and thinking we were going to go home.  
bad news again.
but enough whining.
i am happy to be here to feed her and get to hold her for a few minutes.  see her smile. see her dimples.  that crazy tongue of hers.  and just get some kisses in too.
drew is on his way to pick up Dillon from nana and papa's cabin.  he has been there with them, his cousins and ana since wednesday night.  
i am so ready to see him.  
oh how i miss him!

her room is move in ready.
still the finishing touches need to be done.  nothing on the walls as of yet-but hopefully soon

thanks so much to all of our great family and friends who came by to meet Preslee, called to wish us well, or sent cards/presents. we appreciate it a ton!  
we love you all and we can not wait to have her meet you all.

starting a movie.
going to maybe get a nap!


and she makes 4.

we welcomed miss 
Preslee Jae Barker
to our family July 28th @ 10:32am
7lbs 4oz
20.5in long

tuesday we were a family of three...almost four and b.f we knew it
we were a family of 4!  
and she is a blonde blue eyed baby.  who knew?
she is a perfect baby girl.  
big dimples in her cheeks
long and thin toes and fingers
maybe the longest tongue i have ever seen
and she made our hearts grow even bigger.  
it is amazing how much you can love another child. 
being a parent is truly an amazing experience.  and i would not trade it for the world!
we love you preslee.
mom, dad and dillon
((check THIS out to see how she looks compared to her big brother!!! i am not sure they could be any more different))

we are still @ the hospital.  miss pres is under the bili lights.  dad is home getting some stuff done and ready for us to come home.  and i am here looking @ pictures, relaxing and watching the today show!
can not wait to be home @ last.


this sums it up.

((this sums up our week so far))
calm and happy.
need to get out and go go go.
hold me hold me hold me!

i know i know so many pictures this week!  i can not help myself.
i just love them all.

we had so much fun @ all of the watercarnival events the past 10 days!  but super excited to have some much needed time @ home with no plans!
((speaking of no plans.  no baby anytime soon.  had an other appt today and still nothing happening!  again i need to remind myself.  more time with us three.  b.c it might be a bit of a mad house around here soon!))
we saw the water fights, went to the chilli cook off, saw the great parade and much much more!
off course we had some ZORBAZ with auntie jj, uncle mike and jack too!  

one of my best friends B and her son Hayden came over to play on Friday!  the boys are like salt and pepper!  H is only 9 months older!  we are going to have so much more fun in the future watching them play and become buddies!

saturday after a day @ the events in town we headed to Fargo and attended a great wedding!
we had a great time but @ about 11:something i was ready to head out!
fun to see D's whole family and many friends from his home town!

Dillon has a new trick!  he used to kiss the baby now he gives her a ZERBURT!  
and then laughs and laughs! i can not get enough of his slobbery zerburts.

so now i can enjoy a couple more weeks maybe or atleast another week of ZERBURTS!  
how lucky am i?  
would not trade it for the world!  that is for sure.
with Dillon being a bit under the weather yesterday and today---we have been hanging low.  
super low.  which has been great for both of us!


sneak peek!

we are so spoiled.
the week b.f the 4th of July.  my amazingly talented sister did a photo session for us @ the cabin.  :)  she found the perfect field and we had the most amazing weather and sunset for the shoot.  I am in LOVE with all of the photos.  and since we are so lucky to have her in the family we get special treatment and get so many edits it is crazy.  the worst thing about that is i want each and every one printed and framed.  ((drew reminded me we do not have the wall space for that))thank goodness i have the room in my scraproom for more prints....just need to find the time now to scrap them!
here are a couple of my favorites.  thank you thank you thank you mandy for all of your work!  
you truly are an ARTIST.  check out here work HERE!

i need to stop posting now. so excited to see the all in print!!!
off to bed.


the waiting game.

((window pictures taken this morning))

had a doc appt today.  
no news.  we always say no news is good news unless you are pregnant and waiting for baby.
nothing has progressed so that means i am not hopeful that this baby will even arrive on time 
we induce like we did with D.
it is like dejavu.  
my bloodpressure is back up. 
swelling is sneaking up on me.  
but we will just sit and wait wait wait.
but that 
more time as a family of three.  
more time to spoil d.
more time to get that needed pedicure.
time to paint the end table
time to decide on what is going to be on her walls.
time to order some rufflebutts for her.
and to keep scanning online for cute clothes.  
and maybe think of some good ideas for a middle name?!?!?!  

how cute are all of these?
i am in love.  

just had a fun night out with the ladies.
we even went to BINGO (part of the water carnival) and H even won!
when i got home drew left for midnight golf.  the are lining the fairway with glow sticks.  should be a fun time for them!  and a late night.

off to bed for me.


me again....

dad......can you believe i am blogging again this week!!!
believe it or not here i am!

today is our weekly beach play date with friends and the SUN is out!  
EXCITED to get out and see everyone!
yesterday we ran to fargo to get last minute items for baby B.  we had a fun morning but needed to get back to have a real nap in his crib.  after a couple of hours shopping--dillon had enough!
still have a list that i did not complete! but what did i expect!

dillon and miss A watching the concert.  

((dillon and B running around!  i love that they have so much fun together!))

we have been having so much fun @ the DL JC's watercarnival events!
from the toddler trot, music in the park and just running around with friends!
i love this week here in DL!  so many people are out and about--with so many fun things to do.
our favorite if the parade on Sunday!  maybe the longest parade in the area--but i love it.  maybe we will get more candy that usual this year with dillon being a bit faster on his feet! and me really willing to push around for those tootsie rolls!
drew is playing in midnight golf this week.  got rained out last night but rescheduled!
water fights, chilli cook off, ice cream social and many more things on our agenda!

we spent some time with our friends the R's out on the pontoon on DL!  we had a great afternoon with great friends and great weather! thanks R's!

we also celebrated the BARKER's 34th wedding anniversary last weekend!

as you can see in this last picture.  dillon is a super tired boy.  i could barely keep him awake the other day in the afternoon.  so funny.  he wanted nothing more than to watch Sesame Street and just BE!

this is a new item i might be adding @ pLum.  i got a request for one and have been having many more requests now!  they are super cute and fun to make!  
i think i might have to run out today and get some more collars and see what i can create!

off to get something done!  not sure what but something.


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