another snow day

wow. i started this post months ago. The holidays have arrived and now gone and so has winter. its been a crazy couple of months as always doing what? not sure. but we are busy.
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so here is my catch up in pictures.  of course not in any kind of order.  bc that i how i do things.
need to be better about keeping up with my blog!  a new goal! 
once a week if not more.  a promise to myself. 

lets be real.  the weather stinks a bit.  i love winter actually..... usually.  but right now this crazy cold and no school days we have been having gets a bit old.  i love winter days when we can be outside for hours playing.  not freezing our buns off.  and we have had those days too-but they are hard to remember after all of these icky days.  but we are surviving with 2 baths a day, pool time, playdates and gym/backyard time.

Dillon is almost 5.  as sad as that makes me i am so proud to be his mom and get to watch him grow up and become the confident, energetic, kind and car race loving boy he is.
he is maybe overly obsessed with Monster trucks.  
friday he gets to go to monster jam for the 3rd year and usually after that he even gets more intense.  i can only imagine what he will be like when he gets home!  G & G barker brought him a shirt yesterday and he can hardly wait to wear it.
his favorites are: blue, snowmobiles, monster trucks, john deere, tacos, race cars, hates wearing anything but sweats, loves to sign country music and is as sweet as sugar.

Preslee Jae is almost 3 1/2 and her personality is bigger than she is.
you usually can find her in some sort of costume dress, necklaces and heels, she loves pink, purple, FROZEN, princesses, dressing up, singing LET IT GO at the top of her lungs, wakes up and asks for milk and a freezie, loves soy milk, could eat mac n' cheese for days, loves to paint and do art, disney movies, doing anything dillon wants to do. she loves being the goof and dancing

drew and i do not change much.  drew loves his job. and gets to keep all of his much loved hobbies too.  wednesdays he curls with the boys.  ice fishes and snowmobiles when he can.  he loves that dillon and preslee love to do those things now too!
i am still home with the kids and loving it (most of the time) and loving my little pLum accessories business.  keeps me busy and keeps me sane.
excited for this year as i have about 10 new pages being published as of right now in the upcoming months!!!  still dreaming of having my own scrapbook line of goodies someday!  
dreams can come true! 

 Scrapbook weekend is always such a perfect getaway!  this year we let late wednesday bc of a storm coming our way!  made for a longer weekend...  somehow though i got way less done than normal.  which is not much.  maybe it was the Margarettas?

 family wedding.  so much fun.  so much dancing!  hopefully another relative gets married again soon!!!!  walked back to the hotel in the pouring rain.  :)
the playhouse and been the best addition to our yard!  we spend countless hours in there! there is nothing better than watching imaginations fly!   they absolutely love it.

 be back soon.


back to school

school.  hard to think it is fall.  school shopping backpacks and school buses.
and in one year my baby boy will be in kindergarten.  that just floors me still.  do not want to talk about it again until  next year.  :(

back to the present time.
both of our babies are in school this year.
so happy and sad at the same time.
so happy to see them grow. learn. meet friends. and be so excited to go each day.
M.T.TH afternoons for dillon
T.TH mornings for pj
on top of school we have wednesday bible school (i get to be their teacher)
gymnastics for dillon.
(pj can join once we can throw away all of these diapers that are haunting us)
MOPS (i am also on the steering committee)

so we are getting used to this new schedule.  SO FAR SO GOOD
they both love school.
the first day the teacher informed me of....
Preslees amazing tummy skills.  she pulled up her dress during story time and showed everyone how she can roll her tummy.  (we have the class clown in the making)
and dillon sang some BLAKE SHELTON to his class.  the boys round here. 
i feel like mom of the year!

loving fall already.
love how the yard looks.  the doors open.   fresh air. long sleeves and jeans.
only problem with that is that our lovely cat bailey brings in his lastest find.  last week a chipmunk and a bird.  now that is a fun adventure getting those out of the house!  
omg.  cant they just got live at the farm.!?!?!?  

saw taylor swift with good friends.
i think it is crazy that people say she is not an amazing singer.  are you kidding me?!?!  she can sing, write and perform.  yes yes it is a bit of overkill for some of her expressions.. but she is a PERFORMER.  that is why she is making millions and we are not.  


love the flea market every sunday. loving walking around aimlessly with my coffee and finding treasures.  so many treasures. <3 p="">
miss it already.
memorial day can not come soon enough!  :)
got to spend some time with our niece/cousin miss CAROLINE this weekend.  now that they have moved away to fargo we might actually see them more than we did when we lived 3 miles from eachother.  :)
got a new car.  so HAPPY to have something new and so clean.  should have done this years ago.drew 

and dillon went fishing on sunday and dillon might have caught the biggest 
BASS ever on munson lake.  
he was so so so EXCITED!  you could not get the grin off his face.  he has not learned the fishing option of catch and release yet... he just wants to keep them all to EAT them all!  

miss preslee is in a big girl bed.  we were being so lazy not getting rid of her crib.  but she LOVED it.  she did not want to and did not care so we kept her in it.  well i am glad we did since it is our last baby. trying to make it last a little bit longer.  she got rid of her MEME too.  last week she said she was a big girl and threw it away.  has not been a big deal since.  (except maybe one night trying to get her to fall asleep... but we made it through)
miss america was on last night.  GO MISS MN.  she got 4th runner up.  I did not see the whole thing but i did see the questions.  so they say bf they start that they are all equally challenging.  
first questions is about miley cyrus and her twirking at the VMA's  really?!!?!!?  we are still talking about this... and the last one was about SYRIA.  a real world issue.  and i have to say without a doubt the girl who was asked about SYRIA rocked her answer!  :)

happy monday everyone!


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