new jackity jackers!!!!

we have added 3 new jackers over @ scrapjacked! who will rock your world-go check them out!!! and go back on the 15th to see the new ghostly jack!!!!
here are my jacks of our new girls!! these girls are so inspiring and just lvoe art like all scrapbookers! thanks for the inspiration and so excited to have you on the DT!

it is ahrd to see all of the little parts of this layout but i love this. simple simple simple.
and i love this picture of us from vegas in sept! i love you aab!

this is chase and dillon playing. well chase showing dillon who is in charge!! it is going to be so much fun watching them grow up together. being 2 months apart---there will be trouble.
but i love trouble! i love mischief! and i cant wait!!!

love these pictures that my sister caught of myself and her two oldest kids playing @ the cabin one afternoon. i always cherish the time i get to spend with j and j. they are such a part of my life and i love them so much! they are for sure 2 of the funniest, most loving, kid and beautiful kids i know. i am so lucky! cant wait to see you guys next week!!!
love you. mimi


picture overload....

i have so many pictures..... i took over 200 just today. i can not seem to help myself!
we had a great weekend @ home. friday night we had some friends over for a pontoon ride and my version of a gourmet meal (papa murpheys) saturday we went for a boat ride, dillon and i went on a walk, took naps and dillon went to bed super early-right after he got up from a nap so drew and i had a little bonfire. our first of the year! sad :(
today we met gram and grandpa barker and aunite jj for lunch and then came home. they came to visit for awhile and jj brought him some adorable clothes for this winter including the hat in the picture below! he didnt mind it too bad! he usually forgot about it soon after he got it on! thanks jj! we love them!
we also came to the conclusion if dillon got nothing else from me he got my big goofy smile! he is alwasy smiling and so funny! we could not be luckier! he rolls around like crazy, loves bath time, loves to wrestle with daddy, loves grabbing bailey's tail or whatever he can reach, eats 2nd stage food each meal!, such a good sleeper!
but now that he is sleeping i might so scrapbook or make something! drew is watching the cowboys game which sadly i dont care about so....i will find something to do.


in love with this....

how can you not love matilda jane!!! last night we were out for a friends bday and started talking and matilda jane came up......and i am just in love with it. i might be a bit weird if i dressed dillon in them but gosh i wish i could...... someday we will have a little girl and no matter if these are in style she will be wearing them!!!

just to be fair i ordered myself some more pants. and i can not wait to get them!
i wear my linen ones all of the time! maybe too much!

i have been crafting a lot lately and now i tivo regis and kelly and today when i got home i watched part of it---i can not wait to make a necklace like kelly was wearing!
i love love love it! too cute. i am so excited to get out and find the perfect vintage pearls/beads!!!! :) thanks kelly for the inspiration!

so excited greys and the hills staart soon!!! gossip girl started..and sadly i have one more i can not wait to see-so you think you candance!!! it is such a great show!

everyone have a great night.


why i love today...

i love to play
i love to giggle
i lvoe to smile
but it is even better when you see others smiling, playing and giggling!
this is why i love today!


Still looking for our new jacker!!!

Have you been hesitating because you don't know what the perfect page is to send in? (there is no perfect page! we just wanna see you!)

Do you keep saying to yourself... I'll get to it later! Right now I'm _______ (fill in the blank) so I'm too busy. (we're not asking for much! just a page and a short who are ya!)

Do you think you're not good enough and definitely won't get picked because you're a "nobody"? (we love new, fresh talent!)Do you not remember our email address? (scrapjacked@gmail.com)

Did you forget that the deadline is so soon!? TUESDAY the 15th!!!

The new jack will be up tomorrow! dont forget to check it out!!!! here is a sneak peak of my jack!!! come back to see the inspriation from so many wickedly talented ladies.... and we have a guest jacker and an awesome jack to show you!!! come get your jack on!!!

i am so excited!

look HERE to see a page that i made when dillon was born and is featured on
i love creating keepsakes and am honored to be on their website this month as a featured designer! if you are not a subscriber--you should be! it is always jam packed with inspiration! i am always so excited around the 12th each month when i know it will be in my mailbox!
thanks CK for all of the inspiration.
it is the little things--so dont forget to document them each and everyday!


i gotta feeling.....tonite is gonna be a good night!!!

i might need to expand my horizons a little! i love cardigans! i wear them to work, out, the play each and everyday you might catch me in one! these are my new favorites! i just love adding flowers to them to dress them up a little!
tonite we are having a girls night out to BRITNEY! and i am not ashamed to say i am so excited--not only for a girls night in GF but to see the train wreck that this might be! i know she does not sing but the dancing will be awesome and the outifts and i guess the atmosphere in general! and of course the company!!!

this is my documentation of my life @ 09:09am 09/09/09 driving like always!!

speaking of driving i got a new car yesterday! that is the best part about my job i get new cars! there is nothing like a new car and how clean they are! give me a week it will look like i have had it for months!

added a fun new item to my etsy shop today! the one i posted i made last night b/f i went out and love it!! i think i will wear it again tonite! go check it out here!

went out last night to a party- a friend we had met @ baby class @ the hospital hosted a party for all of the babies! so fun. we had a group of 10 kids who will all be the class of 2027! yikes that seems so far away! the kids were all so cute. and everyone had a great time! thanks olsons!

better get some stuff done b/f i head out! its BRITNEY B*TCH! cant wait to see you girls!


what will you be doing?!?!?

@ 09.09.09 @ 09:09am/pm
we are back from vegas and so happy to be back! we had a great time but i now need some rest! we didnt win millions--or lose it either! thank godness! but we did get some sun! which we really needed since MN has not had as much as we wished for! the lazy river, wave pool and our chairs were the desitnation for much of our time there! the wedding was great, so fun to see so much family, saw PEEPSHOW! (holly madison is not much of an actress) but fun to go see!
so glad to be home to our baby!!! it is amazing how much you can miss someone in such a short perios of time!!! didnt find him anythign vegas that he needed but some much needed quicksilver apparel @ the beach shop! and he recieved some awesome kicks, shorts and a tee from the california aunts! :) can not wait for him to be big enough to wear them!!!
as the mn family we decided to try to give the CA cousins a show and learned the beggining of the THRILLER DANCE and performed @ the dance! they were pretty impressed and even wanted lesson later! it is now the new tradition that @ all family weddings--we wil perform! i think we need to learn some more moves though and maybe practice a little more! but we did get some compliments!!! :) we had a fun time doing it! you might want to check utube or maybe we will be on the today show soon! ok maybe we were not that good but maybe someday!
thanks everyone for the fun weekend!
thanks so much to nana and papa for coming to stay with dillon here while we were away! it sounds like all were well and had a great time! dillon sends you kisses and hugs today! i can tell he was spoiled by them b/c when i laid him down for his nap and tonite for bed he cried when i left the room! he has not done that in months! or maybe he just missed me?!?!?!
some fun pictures from the weekend!

ok i am now officially up too late!
off to bed!


i didnt know DJ AM died earlier this week?!?! who knew...
the Duggars are having their 19th child... yikes. we dont know if we are ready for number #2!
Heidi Montag (Speidi) performed the other night on Miss Universe! seriosuly who booked that?
dillon wore about 6 outifts yesterday alone! spitting up has been getting worse by the day! i am guessing he is getting more teeth.
friday had a fun supper @ the hochgrabers! thanks for the great food and company!
saturday went swimming with miss audrey and amy and then off to potato days with all 6 of us!
nana and papa are coming this weekend to watch dillon while we head to VEGAS for a long weekend! he is excited to have some nana and papa time!
dillon and i are home today! miss b @ daycare called last night and took a personal day! a perfect excuse to stay home and hang with Dillon! but what to do what to do. too cold to go in the lake... maybe it will get sunny and we can play in the sand! or to the pool @ the club!
but now its nap time!!! :) for him and clean time for me.

aj and dillon! and dillon decided instead he should steam roll her!


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