thanks ladies for this fun jack! click HERE to see the jack! this picture is not the greatest--sorry! so bright and sunny out and in a hurry to get it posted!

loving seeing the new jacks up--always gets me in the mood to get something done! i know when this baby comes there will be pages pages of him---so this is fun to get other stuff done while i can!


I am so EXCITED!!!!!!

I had my day (or week, month or YEAR) made!

I am getting published again in

I can not tell you what page--it is a new one which is now being sent off to CK. They requested a spring one! this is so exciting for me--kind of like a dream come true! Scrapbooking for me is a great vent/hobby or money suck (as just juno might call it) drew would call it---but i get to document life page by page with art!
here are some other recent ones i have finished! tons more to come!!!


sunday night watching the AMA's

i am not a huge award show fan---but thank god for TIVO so i can start late and watch all the good parts! i just watched taylor swift sing--i just love her!!! and she is coming to WEFEST this year! i am so stoked!!!!! just wish i could talk my hubby into getting us VIP tickets! not working out so well.
drew is still gone in the field... looks like tomorrow will be the last day! i think it is a bit emotional and exciting all at the same time! drews dad is officially retiring from farming and the sale is coming up! if you are in need of farm equipment dec 12th the barker farm will be the place to be!!! sad he is gone. dale and i both miss him alot! have not seen him since tuesday... well officially wednesday morning but dont really remembering him leaving. it was 5am! anywho sad he is gone but glad he can be helping his dad! he loves being out there in the tractor and getting dirty! he does not get to do that in everyday life with his job!!!!
went shipping today with megan!! we were in target for 3 hours......not really sure what we did? still trying to think of what you do in there for that long.....she says she has done it b/f. i am a huge fan of target--probably my favorite store but 3 hours!!! but we had a fun day!
went to the gym tonite as i was leaving stopped to talk to the girl @ the front desk to catch..... and this old man walks up and lets her know there are kids trying to sneak in to the pool---great...but then he proceeds to talk for 10 minutes--would have been longer but i started walking away! he told us about how he was a teacher back when---the stories went on and on how he let kids stay after to play basketball and then the girls who had cruches on him. so anywho this story does not have much of a point but it was funny b/c then i stopped at the gas station by my house to grab some milk and the lady there was asking me when i was due and started asking what i was doing for thanksgiving and christmas and was glad to hear i did not have to travel far....so she would not be worried... worried she doesnt even know me?!?!?! found out that she used to like to go to her moms and open the fridge to see what was in there! i told her i do the same... she thought that was cool. told me i looked great! what a woman! that is what i like to hear! told me i will lose the weight right away--again she has no idea who i am. anywho had a good chat and she thanked me for the talk and i left.... the point of my nonesense is to take time to talk with strangers---obviously not all strangers but some people just like to talk and need it!!!!
so take time this holiday season for others--something simple like a chat can make someones day!
send a card. call someone. take time for others
well that is my day in a nutshell!
got this awesome car seat cover for baby dale from my sister and her family....
also so many fun clothes!!! she is always too good to me!
so excited to get to use it all! not to far away now!
it has flown by and i am loving every second of it!


meet chase richard birdwell!!!

meet our new nephew CHASE!
he was born thursday nov 20th.
more pictures to come. he looks just like jake did when he was born!
i am so exited---he and baby barker will get to grow up together---i cant wait for them to be the best of buddies... for summers at the lake---holidays together and fun weekend sleepovers (those will be @ their house :) j/k)
his big brother and sister we so excited to have him come home today! it was so fun to see them hold little chase and get so excited!!! mom and dad are good too!


All about Baby Boy Barker.
Your baby's birthstone will be Amethyst (Sincerity)
Your baby's Astrological Sign will be
Your baby's Flower is
Violet or Primrose (Violet, Sky Blue or Yellow)
Your baby will be born in the Chinese Year of
The Ox
This time next year your baby will be
41 Weeks Old!
Your baby will start kindergarten in 2014,
be old enough to drive a car in 2025,
finish high school in 2027,
and will graduate from college with the class of 2031, give or take a year.
Can you imagine?
had a doctors appt yesterday! everything still looks perfect! (only a mom can say that) grew 4 cm in 2 weeks---so we might be looking at a closer due date.....he is going to keep a close watch and maybe do another ultrasound later if needed to see if this little boy is not so little!!


monday night....

watching the HILLS and watched GOSSIP GIRL!!!
should be getting something done that matters--but i guess these shows matter to me!
all i have to say is i HATE Hiedi----but i hate more spencer more----who could date him???

i am feeling good.... so is little dale!
getting bigger and bigger everyday... only about 11.5 weeks left!! the picture is not the best--looking kind of ycuk...but it is all worth it!!! it is getting so close--we are so not ready---not for him..i would bring him home today if i could but in general we are so not ready! we have all
the painting and all of that fun stuff still to do! we better get working. NASCAR is now over for 86 days so i have drews full attention on sundays--
maybe i can get some more stuff done on those days!

my must haves for our hunting trip! drew brought a gun and i brought a Creating Keepsakes.... it was so winding and cold that i could not even take off my gloves to read or eat my suckers!! i lasted 5 hours out there---and drew said i was a great look out! i saw way more deer than he did!

baby barkers closet......he just keeps getting more and more stuff to fill up his closet--we really
need his closet organizer installed---so i can get everything organized!!!
off to bed.


he got one!!!

drew got a big buck out @ my parents this weekend. he was pretty happy with his prize.
just wanted to post these for him!
i will be back later!


pages pages pages......

i have finally gotten some of my pages uploaded! i have not gotten much done since we got home from our girls weekend!! but i think this weekend--when drew is gone again hunting i can start back up!
drew was gone all weekend for opening of deer hunting! they did not have as much luck as thye wanted--too much corn still standing in the fields! that does not help their odds! but they did get 3 in their group! he came home with a little cooler and when i asked what was in it he told me "i didnt want to know" it was a heart and he ate it tonite! i should be used to this stuff he does it every year but i still get grossed out when it sits in the sink and looks so gross!
his mom brought us over some homemade chicken noodle soup tonite! it was so yummie
thanks Becky!!! i need to learn to cook pronto!
this saturday baby barker had his first shower! my cousins shannon, jenny and my sister threw us a shower! it was nothign but perfect!! with alomost all the women in my family plus becky and jenn and betsy--with her
most adorable son Hayden! he is the perfect little boy! if we could only be so lucky to have one just like him! he just giggles and smiles and hangs out! so cool and calm! i just love him!!! we got great gifts from all!! i can not wait to get the closet stuff installed (oh and painted..YUCK) so i can start getting it all put away! you know it is your first baby when you hang all of your onesies! --- so pathetic!
my sister might be having a baby anyday now!! i am so excited to meet our new nephew!!!
going to go watch desperate housewives!!!
good night all.


i hate to break it to all of you but.....

that is not hair----he takes after great grampa wayne and is a bald!!!!
we thought it was too but it is just a shadow---but it sure looks like hair!
everyone that called today mentioned all of this hair!
he still has got time to shock us....
but he is still pretty cute!


our baby boy!!!!

he has my nose!!! which is totally the eklund nose.

we had another ultrasound today. it was AMAZING!!! we were very against the whole 3-D 4-D pictures... but when she switched it over--i immediately started to cry! i guess it is different when it is your own child..... he was not in the best position--he was facing my spine so we could only get a few good shots of him!! but he is BEAUTIFUL!!!! he wrists were so plump---it was so cute. it kind of looks like he has a rubber band around them---

he looks pretty perfect to us!!!

we might be a bit bias....

i am feeling fine too. everything looks good! and daddy is good to----he is gaining sympathy weight--so i don't feel so bad! :) what a guy---what a guy!!!


73 degrees in NOVEMBER


this would have been cuter.......we kind of forgot to take a picture earlier!!! but you get the idea! we scrambled for yellow shorts for his costume and then last minute i had to finally go to the reserves and sew him a pair! what?!?!? i know i know what you are all thinking me... sew shorts.... believe it or not----they were pretty good and stayed together all night! he looked pretty darn cute! as for me i was just swollen and pregnant!

it was 73 as a high today!! what.. we had snow last week and we are supposed to have it again this weekend but today they tease us with this weather!??!?! crazziness!!!
we had a great halloween weekend! we spent halloween @ a friends house...... with baby peyton! she is getting so big... we watched some hockey and caught up! saturday we headed up to warren MN to a friends party! we went as JUNO and BLEAKER!!!! i was so excited about our costumes and we show up and some friends of ours had the same idea! only thing is i had one up on her!! i am really pregnant.. no pillow needed here! we had a good time--not much sleep but sunday we caught up on that!
tonite we went on a walk with the great weather and them power cleaned the house! drew thinks i am already nesting---i kind of was going crazy with the cleaning! but cleaning could never hurt this house! i should do it more often i think!!!
i have got to spend some time with the birdwells lately!!! it has been so fun to hang out with the kids.... and of course mandy and rich too!!! the pictures of mandy and the kids and i are @ the apple orchard in stillwater!!! i have not stopped eating HONEYCRISP apples since i left there! sure wish they were as cheap as braeburn!! mandy is due in a couple of weeks with a baby BOY!! i am so excited to meet this little boy! it wont be long!! we are excited to spend some time with them over the thanksgiving weekend! he should be here by then---
ps... only 95 days to go!!!!!


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