theres gonna be a floody floody....

or i should say there is a floody floody!!!
i wish i could be in fargo helping sandbag. roads are icy and it is only going to get worse. what are the odds that we get another snow storm when we are having all of the flooding... not good.
drew stayed home with us today. he tried to leave around 6:30---we told him to not even try to get to fargo. he did try and came back about 15 minutes later.
No TRAVEL advised means dont go.....
and we love the days when we all can be home and have nothing planned. we did all go to the gym this morning.
now dillon is hanging out with me. we are singing kelly clarkson ( i have a new found love for her music) My life would Suck w/o you!! it is so cute.....i love how he stares at me and smiles as if i am so good...... if he only knew how bad of a singer i am!! :) he will find out someday.
dillon is @ such a fun age... i just love all of his smiles and faces he makes.... and the cooing just gets me. :) yesterday i had the camera out and here are a couple of the expressions i caught in about a span of one minute....
i do believe he has my facial expressions. the eyebrow burrow--the squinty face and nose wrinkle..the big mouth ;) those could not be more me. not sure if that is good or not. it is for sure good for me. i need something to prove he is mine!!! :)
1. my mother is crazy and i am so confused on why she always has this camera in my face and talks to me like this.
2. oh my mommy is so funny!!!!!!
3. oh mommy singing is just not your thing!!!

this weekend when i was home i started working on making some headbands.... my first couple of trys were not the best but now i am getting the hang of it.. and if i am just wearing them it is ok if they fall apart! ;) i just love headbands so much...
i made the orange and white one for my niece. she also has a love for headbands! i hope she likes it!! :) she is a fashionista--so i am kind of nervous! and she is 5.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love his facial expressions!! What a cutie!!

I can't believe it's blizzarding back home. Yuck. I wish I lived closer & could help out w/ sandbagging!!!

Those headbands are adorable. I so wish I had your artistic abilities! I love that you are nervous about your niece not liking the headband! Of course she will!

the ritchie's said...

Looks like you had a great time back home. It's always nice to go back to visit. Dillon's pics are so darn cut. You just can't get enough of those face expressions...and they just keep getting better with age. Enjoy your days with your little one and I hope to visit with you soon.
P.S. Those headbands are adorable...can I place an order?!?!

amber b said...

what a cutie dillon is! love all those expressions - and especially love how you captured them all in just one minute - it is so crazy to believe! isnt it just amazing how they have such little personalities already?!?!?! Hope to see you guys soon - Im sorry it didnt work out the other weekend - when are you guys free in April? Remember it is OUR turn to have a fun night! :)

bethchien said...

Awesome headbands and that 3rd pic of the baby is hilarious!!!

Billie said...

OMG...I cannot stop laughing at that last picture! Dillon has changed SO MUCH since I saw him last. Can't wait to see that smile for myself soon!




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