Hump Day.

Wednesday has come and gone.
when drew gets home he always asks us "what did you do today?"
i can never think of much.

we have watched Regis and Kelly.
drank some coffee
Dillon took a much needed bath.
did some much needed scrapbooking.
did some cuddling.
changed diapers
made and swithed some Doctor appointments.
was going to go to the gym and walk but didnt! :)
had a sandwhich
read some books--including "What to expect the first year"
changed dillons clothes about 10 times--he spits up a ton!
now we are waiting for dad to get home from curling! :)
watching the premier of America's Next Top Model!
Got my first page done today of Dillon! when i went in to my scrap room--it was a disaster! it always is. i have never really been the one to be organized and sometimes work better with a mess around me! all of my favorite things are right there in a pile---sometimes it is a bit hard to find the exact flower, button or paper i am looking for.... but.....it works for me! i have so many pages in piles all around and i really need to get them in books!
Happy Hump Day everyone!


amber b said...

I know how you feel-- everyday I feel like we have done nothing either! It's ok though- we give our babies lots and lots of love every day, and that is what they need most! :)

bethchien said...

wow! I love your simple, elegant...and GORGEOUS style. Very cool. And you are very pretty! ;P
(I am over at VP)

teacherwoman said...

Hello Barkers! I just came across your blog (from FB) and had to just comment! I love all the pictures and updates you post on here.... Dillon is such a little sweatheart! Sounds like you are enjoying every little piece of motherhood! So sweet!


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