i love snow days!!!

@ home today with drew and dillon! i love days like this!
nothing to do + nowhere to go= a PERFECT DAY!!!!
not much has gotten done around here today...i am doing some scrapping.. trying to make some cute headbands!

all decked out in our camo! we went to a 30th birthday and we were supposed to wear camo or hunting orange! i was on a all out hunt for a camo shirt for dillon---found one--but only in a preemie size... poor thing--it was a little small but i promised him he would only have to wear it that once!

the elliott 5 generations! you do not get to have this picture very often! Great Great Gramma Elliott was really excited to have this done! so fun to see all the generations together!

we watched the fighting sioux hockey game on FRIDAY night---we are the WCHA champions! so we all had all of our SIOUX gear on... dillon only fits in his hat so far..... but he had a closet full of SIOUX clothes... 3 jerseys, hats, shirts and even shorts! they way he is growing it will not be long and he will be wearing them all!!!!
tomorrow have a lunch date with some ladies with their little ones! hopefully the snow has stopped by then... we are supposed to get 10-16 inches.....
giggled last night---we have the best news in small towns. there was a robbery in a little town right outside of fargo and they described him as a POLITE man... who describes a robber as polite... they also thought that the weather would have made him think otherwise--since it was so cold and a storm was on the way!??!?! WHAT--seriously! but it is better to have a polite bank than the opposite!!!!
could not believe that melissa has jpoined dancing with the stars! a jilted bachelorette is considered a STAR!?!??! i guess.....

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Vee said...

dillon is the cutest for sure!! :)


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