happy st patties day!

monday came and went fast..... dillon slept almost all day. i think he was having a bit of a growth spurt. b/c when he was awake he was not happy..... went to bed pretty late but slept like a dream! so i can not complain! it was my birthday yesterday too and he gave me the best present ever.... a big smile in the morning! that is all i can ask for. he has smiled b/f but it is not something we get often yet.... i am working on him right now........ he does a elvis lip lift alot.this weekend we had a blast @ the rufers party! of course we were the last to leave once again. nothing like getting home @ 4am. if we were smart we would have come home @ 11pm and got some much needed sleep! oh well we had so much fun!

drew is heading to the cities tomorrow for some work (some if the key word) and then lots of fun @ the FINAL FIVE hockey tournament! GO SIOUX SIOUX!!!!!

and dillon and i are heading on thursday to my parents for a long weekend! they are jsut getting home from my sisters house --- she and her husband are in hawaii for a wedding so they watched the 3 kids.....and now get dillon and i. they are going to be tired out!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love that necklace!

Have fun at your parents'!!

Billie said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Meg,

Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you had a good day. Maybe see you tomorrow night?

Kurstin said...

Meg you look adorable! love your head band! have a great weekend with your parents!


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