picture overload....

love these pictures.... he looks like such a thinker in the first ones.... i wonder what he was thinking..... he is such a good baby--while changing his diaper is always lets me take pictures of him! too cute!

we have riley dog for the week while gramma and grandpa barker are on a cruise! poor dog--he thinks i am so boring! he is jsut waiting for saturday to come!!!

monday is here again. dillon is almost one month old! yikes!
we had a fun weekend!
Friday night we stayed home--so nice to relax and just hang out together! Saturday i headed to fargo for some quick shopping and then dillon and drew met me in town! we sold our camry--so we went and dropped that off and then went to introduce dillon to his GREAT GREAT GRANDMOTHER Evelyn! yes i mean that Great Great. she was so excited to meet him! we went b/f but missed her--she was out @ an appt. Then we met my parents and then we all headed to see my grandma! after being there we all headed out to Mapleton for my sister in law Lindseys 30th Birthday party!!! so fun seeing chad and linds and helping them celebrate!!! Dillons first ND bar! we stayed till about 10:45 and then headed home! thanks for the party Johnsons! we had a great time!
Sunday we had many visitors! In the morning the Hayes came down so Shannon could meet Dillon--then in the afternoon the Hoochgrabers....and then last night the Kecklers. So Dillon got spoiled all day! he loves company! it was so fun seeing you all!
The Brothers and Sisters 2 hour show last night confused me..... i am still trying to figure out if he died or not?!?!? b/c @ the end Kitty tells Evan that it is just them from now on and it will be ok! !!?!?!?! what...... so confused. maybe i missed something!
going to get some scrapping done today i think! getting some pictures developed finally.....who would of thought it would take me this long to get a page done! did do my jack book so i am not totally out of it! we will see what i can get done this week!
bye for now.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Hey Meg!!

Dillon is so darn cute. Quite the photogenic baby!

I also watched Brothers & Sisters. I think at the end, Kitty was upset to learn that her husband planned to still run for governor, so she said 'it's just you and me' because I think she is going to leave Robert... That's what I got out of it. Not sure. I think she was hoping that he's make adjustments to his lifestyle after the heart attack. Sure was a dramatic 2 hours, wasn't it?

amber b said...

i think they said he died b/c he had flatlined right away at the hospital & they had to shock him to get him back. i actually got bobby to watch it with me last nite - he was asking who everyone was and even though he wont admit it i think he liked it! :)

love the pics of dillon he is such a little honey!!!

BetsE said...

Robert didn't die - I think Kitty just realized that he will once again put his career ahead of them so it will be just them. I am interested to see if they will stay together. I'm sure that it might come down to that. I love that show! :)
Can't wait to see Dillon again, he is so cute and is getting so big. Happy 1 month birthday tomorrow! :)

Kelli said...

Such a little cutie guys!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures.


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