back to monday!

i could not love this picture any more. last night dillon was hanging out on the counter while we were making dinner! he just loves to lay there and watch us and smile, cooo and grin @ the lights. he is so laid back and loves his daddy!

Dillon loves his bath time! he is a little hesitant and we put him in the water but once he is realxed he could be in there all day!!! :) i am so thankful for that!

Drew will be so embarassed that i posted these pictures. he is not a big fan of baby legs for boys! but i could not love them more. they will be so great for this summer too when he is in a onsie and hanging around and sitting up!!! i think they are jsut too cute! :)
Other news----AL ROKER is in FARGO! i wish i was closer so i could go find him. i love him! i watch the today show each morning.... and was so excited to turn on the TV and see him here watching the RED RIVER!!! but even better the river is going down! there is a storm on its way and we now just need to get through the wind that is coming too----lets hope those dikes stay sturdy and save FARGO/MOORHEAD!
We all headed back to my parents on Friday afternoon--Dillon was thrown a baby shower by my best friend from high school and her mom! It was a perfect day and again Dillon got showered with many gifts! he is one lucky baby----i dont think he even knows how lucky yet! :) THANKS so much betsy and mary for the wonderful day! Saturday night we headed back home---Gramma Barker was anxiously waiting to see Mr D. She came over for a visit---we thought he would be wide awake since he slept most of the shower and then the ride home too.... but no he was so tired out!
Today not much planned! Thinking of starting to paint Dillons new night stand that was made by papa! :) I think i will lay some plastic and do it in the basement on the tile! The big garage has water on the floor------i think it is going down but with the new snow on its way i do not want to risk having it out there! I have it sitting in his room already---it is going to be hard to take it out again to get it painted! but it sure looks good! Thanks PAPA and NANA!!! we love it!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Those leggings are too darn cute! I've never seen them before. At least they are kelly green, so Drew can't hate them too much!

Your dad is so talented! Can't wait to see pics of the painted night stand!

the ritchie's said...

I just love the baby leggings and ryan hates when I put them on hattie too. I think whoever invented them is genius because they make changing so easy. Dylan is getting so big. Need to see you again soon.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Dillon is going to be ready for a dip in the lake! Spring and Summer cannot come soon enough. The leggings are very cute...when Drew's gone you can dress Dillon however you want-you're his mommy! Besides, it doesn't look like Dillon's complaining! He is growing so fast...

BetsE said...

Love the leggings! so cute! :) I posted a picture for you - so check that out! And you are so very welcome for the shower. It was a lot of fun and I'm glad that it worked out and that you made it home safely. I'll be in touch soon and we'll plan a day or maybe overnight in DL to come and hang out before you go back to work. Talk to you soon!


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