one month has gone by......

flown by i should say.
our sweet little guy is already one month old today! and we had to stop wearing some of his new born clothes.....that was a bit of a hard transition. putting clothes away---that should not happen so fast and maybe it should not be so hard but it is... he is growing way too fast for my liking! i cried a little. that must be my hormones that are still in high gear every once in awhile! ask my husband they come out unpredictably!
today we are hanging out @ home. nothing to much going on. i am not feeling all so well! in the middle of the night last night i started feeling yuck! feeling better today but still not so good. i just do not want it to be the stomach bug! that would not be good---
Update on the Bachelor.
What happened? it is crazy b/c last week i heard from a friend that this is what was going to happen.... i did not believe it.... i thought the Deanna thing was going to be a bigger part of the show--they sure hyped that up.. and did a good job of it! they sure now how to get us to watch 3 long hours and another hour tonite!!!! i am pathetic! but i am so mad that he did this! Did ABC put him up to this!???!?! that is what i have heard.... if so i am never watching again. ok ok ok... maybe i would still watch (but not willingly! :) )


Kelli said...

Meagan, Dillon is so cute in these pictures. I know the feeling about putting clothes away. So, Mariah is only 16 months old, but we already have about 5 or 6 tupperware of clothes put away. It seemed like she was able to wear an outfit one day and had grown out of it the next.

And regarding the Bachelor, I completely agree with you. I am so bad, but yet I have my DVR all set up for tonight. I hope that ABC put him up to it, because if they didn't, he is just a total jerk. Aaaagh.

Billie said...

Happy "1-month" Birthday, Dillon! You are SO CUTE! And, look how many people love you ALREADY! Thanks for the visit on Sunday, Andrew and Meg!

Becky and Greg said...

Hi from Grandma and Grandpa B in Bonaire!! We miss you so much---look how much you have grown! Stop that until we get back!! Having a great time - wonderful weather, but we got rained on in Grenada yesterday. Feeling sorry for us I'm sure! Off to a boat cruise now - miss you all - love to all. Kiss cutie pie Dillon for me please! Love, G&G Barker


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