found some old pages i had done @ our last girls craft weekend! :)
waiting for the storm to hit us once again! drew called and came home early--Fargo had already gotten about 6 inches and that is not even the brunt of what we are getting tomorrow! so we are ready to get stranded in tomorrow! :) i love snow days! even though i am not workiing it is still fun to stay home all day!!!!! :)
Just watched the Brothers and Sisters from last night! --- it was so good! i was not a follower all year.... watched the last 3 weeks and am now addicted! i watched it hit and miss b/f. wish i would have watched it all.
excited for the premier of dancing with the stars!!! i usually only watch it @ the end when they are getting good---but it looks so good this season!
going to go take a nap--be back later!


bethchien said...

beautiful layouts!
Just jumped over from VP. I hope you had a good MOnday! ;P

the ritchie's said...

Just got my copy of CK and wanted to tell you how great your page was. This scrapbooking is all new to me...I will need some basic pointers sometime soon. We should set up a craft night called scrapping with Meg 101.
Hope you are enjoying every minute with little Dillon!


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