all snug in bed....

dillon is all snug in crib. probably not for long--he will be hungry soon
drew is on his way home---he went snowmobiling today! he was pretty pumped they went 110 miles i think! :) i have not even got on our other one this year! maybe i will have to take it for a cruise on sunday! gotta get some use out of my pink gear! :) i am trying to talk drew into getting me the new pink artic cat that is out this year!!! i really do not need it...but it sure would look good with my jacket and helmet! :) and thats what it is all about right?!?!?!
did some pages today....dillon and i ran out for a little bit today and he feel right asleep so when we came home i let him sleep and brought him down to my scrap room with me all snug in his car seat and i got some pages done!!! so grateful for my sister and her wonderful talent! we are so lucky to have the most beautiful pictures of dillon! now it is up to me to get pictures of him daily and they for sure not even close to being up to par! but atleast i have them!!!

The new SCRAPJACK will be up soon---it is such a great one! so dont forget to get on and then link us up for your chance for a great prize!!!
he is awake!

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