it is after 10pm and dillon just went down to sleep.
7:30 it was the normal bedtime. preslee went to sleep @ the same time and i got 10 minutes to clean up and then they both were up. the good news pres just needed her "mimi"/or paci to most people and dillon was having none of this sleeping stuff. so now it is after 10 and now time to rest. no cleaning will be done-the kitchen is staying yuckie until the am. i am on the couch watching the news instead.
but dillon and i got some fun play time in. he and pres were @ grammas for most of the day today while i got to run to fargo in the crazy rain and wind to get some errands done. it was by far the fastest trip i have made in a long time. i think i spent 2.5 hours in town and got lots done!
thanks gramma becky for helping us out!!!
drews is gone. tonight he is in rochester.
we are excited for him to come home!
we have a super busy weekend planned. lots to do b.f it gets here! need him help. got to get costumes for him and i done. not getting very far.

had a great time @ the girls weekend! only got about 12 pages made. but worked on headbands too. all in all. had so much fun with 16 amazing women! so fun to learn, chat, get new ideas, eat, laugh and relax! came home so tired---staying up will 4am is just really not for me.
but it was sure worth it!

this is my work space. and this is clean for me!!!!! you should see my space normally.

is laughing now. smiling constantly (showing off those dimples)). getting so big. best little sleeper, loves to cuddle, now in the 3-6 month sleepers. crazy how she can change so fast. her hair is coming in like crazy too. looks like a for sure BLONDIE!!! yippeee!!!!
so funny, always laughing, DANCING, talking ((we rarely know what he is saying)) and making us laugh. obsessed with "mo mo", turning into such a boy. no more baby. and he is such a great big brother.

raining and snowing right now.
this weather is crazy. i sure hope it does not make the electricity go out.... better find a flashlight b.f i go to bed. makes me a bit nervous!

good night.

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amber b said...

LoVe the new pages - so wish I would've been able to go along!!!
Got your thank you note in the mail yesterday - so cute!! :)


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