ready.... set.....

off again.
drew is home from hunting.
he had a great time and came home with so many pheasants and some need for sleep and relaxation i think.

this is what Dillon (with my help) made for the door!!!

and now i am off to a girls weekend. 16 girls. scrapbooking, drinks, yummie treats, pole dancing (yes we are taking a lesson), food, chatting, spa time, and so many other things on the list.
my list is as follows.
1. get my thank you's done and get Preslee's announcements in the mail. seriously she will be 3 months old b.f they get in the mail. (what am i doing with my time)
2. get some pLum stuff made. doing a craft show here in DL in Dec. i better use my time wisely and get something made. atleast get a start.
get more done for b. salon here in town too!!!
and my friend list needs to get done too. if you asked me for something in passing. please email me again---
my much loved to do list sometimes gets written, lost, written again and then never done. and things forgotten along the way!

Super excited about this cute red vintage high chair i found!!!
we got a highchair when d was born but brought it back. it was super big and with not much of any space for it we decided to go with the clamp on high chairs. glad we did. but now with two and not much space @ the counter. and with my love for this kind of thing. i had to have it. a lady saw my looking @ it and of course listening to me talk to dillon about why i needed it and asking him what he thought. she probably thought i needed someone to talk too. she told me to get it. so i did.
did not want to let her down. :)

super glad i did.
dillon loves it ((he climbs in and out all day long))and drew was pretty happy (or did not care) but better than super not excited about it.
so it stays. it needs a little love and attention and it came to the right house for that!!!

well my bags are packed and sitting by the door. ready to be stuffed in m's car. my girlfriend who is driving called. sounds like she is packed to the brim already. :) lets hope both of us can fit in her SUV.
have a great weekend everyone!
thanks to drew's wonderful mother for helping us out and taking the kids during the day while drew is @ work! we can not thank you enough for all of your help!!! xoxooxox have fun.




The Badureks said...

Have so much fun!!! Love that the lady thought you might need an adult to talk to. ;) xoxoxo

the ritchie's said...

Have a great relaxing time Meg!!!

amber b said...

Hope you have a great time -- I am SUPER bummed it did not work for me to go this year :( ... sounds like you girls are going to have a lot of R&R and a great time!


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