oh how i love these dimples. this is by far my favorite new pictures of miss preslee.
she is so smiley and with those dimples i just love to watch her smile @ us!
today she was so happy to lay and talk and watch dillon.
she is changing everyday. i can hardly believe she is almost 3 months old. it has gone far to fast for me. ((i think a third could be in my future--drew says no but i can dream))

this past week it was homecoming in DL. friday we went to the parade. daddy even made it home from work early to meet us. we made out good on the candy. d and his buddy breck did a great job running out and getting candy. heidi and i might have picked up more--but who is counting!?!?!

bath night.
dillon will drop anything if he can go to the "baaaath"

sunday we headed to the pumpkin patch.
we had so much fun.
had a hay ride.
went through a haunted cemetery.
crawled through a hay stack tunnel.
kissed rats. (well that was only drew)

played in the dirt.

i also painted some little pumpkins that my parents brought to us last week.
they are a fun addition to my little vintage orange bowl.

thursday a friend S and her baby girl reagan came to visit. these girls are only 3 days apart. so fun to see how they are growing up. r is so happy and smiley. and p was not too impressed. did not get a single photo with pres happy. this might be the only good one of the bunch.
love having a little girl time. was not all too relaxing. ((d was a bit crazy) but we had fun!

drew left for SD to do some pheasant hunting.
the begining of the hunting widow started today.
i think i see about 4 or maybe 5 trips on the calendar in the next couple of weeks. and he did not even get picked for a ND deer license--i think they were giving me a break!!! talked to him tonite! they got their limit today and had a great time. i am so glad he can get out and hunt, fish and do all of those things he loves. mostly because he LOVES it and maybe a little b.c i do not feel so guilty doing the things i love!!! next weekend i am leaving to meet 16 other girls to spend the weekend in a house to scrapbook, eat, gossip and have fun!
we miss you daddy ((drew)) xoxoxoxox

friday night we went to the homecoming football game.
we did not stay for the whole thing but had fun. pres was all bundles up in her carseat. and dillon loved the game. he did such a good job sitting, clapping and of course he made some new friends.
and after the game i headed out with a couple of friends to the
"life as we know it" movie.
all i can say is that i love Josh D. not only b.c he is from north dakota. and how can you not love a boy from your home state. and #2 he is adorable. i also love K.H. the movie was great and also josh wears a SIOUX hat and shirt in the movie. that was very exciting for me to see. i will for sure rent it again and make drew watch it. or maybe i can drag him to the theater. i would for sure watch it again!

i took the kids to church. preslee slept and did not make a peep.
dillon danced in the isles. tried to eat a pencil.
crawled under the pews. hit me a few times. tried to drive a car on the lady in front of us. clapped for everything and made me laugh out loud!

tonight we had dinner out with gramma becky and auntie jj. had a yummie supper and good company. thanks for the fun night!

now the kids are in bed.
i am watching "brothers and sisters" and trying to get some orders done and ready to ship!
got the halloween costume ordered for dillon today. he is going to be a Pirate i am so excited. i hope it fits. and miss p is going to be a cat.
now just looking for the last costumes for us. ((not sure what we should be))

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