dillons friend hattie ((my girlfriends daughter))is here today. her daycare is on vacation so we get to have her here for a playdate. it has been a fun day so far. now all three are sleeping. i did a little picking up and now a little relaxing. b.c i doubt this will last long.
tonight we have a halloween party and tomorrow we are going to go again in the am. why not go to the same party twice right?
tomorrow night. we are going to carve pumpkins. so excited. going to let dillon paint and we can carve.
drew is on his way home now. have not been in the same house it seems like for weeks. close enough. super excited to have him home. we skyped with him last night when he was @ my sisters house. so fun to see everyone!!!! miss them all.
the kids and are i going to head there while mandy and rich are on vacation and my parents are babysitting. drew is going hunting so we are going to go play! they miss their cousins.

((i am back today, friday @ 9:37 am))

that is all i got written yesterday b.f someone was awake and ready to play.
but now this am i slept will 8:45. dillon is still sleeping. and pres is too.
she i think is a bit sick. tummy is rumbling and diarrhea. no fun.
but loving this sleeping in stuff today.
got the last of my announcements/thank you's done this morning. it is amazing how many addresses have changed since xmas last year!!! i need to do a better job of keeping up as people move.
we are skipping the halloween party this am. went last night and so i am not too bummed about it. rather have them sleep and feel good!

our baby preslee is 3 months old now! yesterday. i can hardly believe time has gone this fast.
i can not imagine life w.o her. and feel like she has been a part of this family forever.
she is the dimple queen.
loves to sleep.
loves to watch her big brother dance and be goofy.
loves to cuddle
starting to laugh.
we could not lover her more.
she has changed so much over these past months. i wish we could have it all on video.

yesterday our day with miss H. was super fun.
so fun to watch them interact together. not always a nice interaction but they always made up.
last night we had the first halloween party. dillon was a cute little pirate and miss pres is a cat. we did not actually put her costume on. she was spitting up alot and not feeling so how so she did not need the extra layers.

i am getting ready for a craft show here in DL Dec 11th. trying to get as many headbands as i can done. and maybe some other fun things too. got bags, supplies and some new hang tags in the mail yesterday. a good investment i hope! now to work on a new logo. i need new mailing cards, business cards, labels and pin cards. sometimes it is hard to invest in that stuff but i know i will love it when it is done!
10am. everyone still sleeping
drew left for a haircut and work. he probably thinks this is my everyday life. drinking coffee and blogging in my pj's while the kiddos sleep. not so much but i am sure loving it this morning!
tonight we are carving pumpkins. we are all finally together. and we have 36 hours will halloween so we better get it done!
busy weekend ahead.
have a great and safe HALLOWEEN everyone!

trying oh so hard to get a picture of both of them wearing their news hats. no working as you can see.
not sure why dillon is trying to eat his baby. i love the hats angie. thanks so much!!
you can see them
here. frolicking leaves.

dillon in his costume.

miss hattie and dillon.


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