we are packed....

over packed that is.
i always pack way to much. but all that i care about is that i am pretty much ready to go.
pretty much meaning i wish i had some other things to bring. wish i would have made a cute headband. wish i would have bought a cute tank for the race. this is one of the firs times i am not wearing a homemade bedazzled 29 harvick tank! lets hope he can do well w.o it!!!!
now i am charging flip video
camer # 2.
and making sure i am not forgetting a thing.
rocked my baby to sleep. getting sad to leave the munchkins.
but i keep reminding myself i will be fine when we get t the airport. we NEED this getaway.but how can you not miss these two cuties?!?!?!
love dillons face in this one. tried so hard to get him to sit and atleast smile. but instead it was a whole lot of this.

wish i would have had this on video.
dillon teaching pres to dance!
and then this later a little "plumbers butt" how do you get that in a diaper!?!?!?! so cute.

and today we had addison over for the day.
((thanks so much becky for helping me this morning. it means a lot to me))
we had fun. and she tormented dillon for while. she is in the grabby stage. dillon was not so sure @ first but then he had fun with it!

so i better get going. maybe pack some more. i do not think we are over weight limit yet.....
maybe close.
have a great weekend everyone.
watch the FONTANA race on sunday! we will be there cheering in the hot hot hot sun!
can not wait to see chris and lisa!! xooxoxo


BetsE said...

ok....that plumbers butt picture!!! a riot!! too cute! :) have a great trip - you can NEVER pack to much! enjoy your much deserved time away!

nicole.vandam said...

Hope you and Drew have a great time! You definitely deserve to have some time to relax and have fun!

Billie said...

Love the pictures. Have a wonderful time in sunny CA!

Cherry Blossoms said...

Have a great trip and the plumber crack photo is too cute for words!! That is def a photo he is never going to live down when he gets older :)


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