we are

so lucky.
we have 2 beautiful kids. (they are happy and make us smile)
love where we live.
we have great families.
we both love our jobs.
we are
(i am a bit sappy tonight)
what matters most. people, making memories and living life to the fullest.
i tear up every time i see the preview of the new movie
i can not wait to see it.
but the line where he says something to the effect of
"i know we are supposed to get married and then have kids but you me and sophie
we work!" it was way better than that but oh how i tear up every time i see it.
it makes me HAPPY.
relationships are so important to me. what i have learned lately is not all of them work.
for some reason unknown sometimes. no fair--but it is life. i have come to terms with that i can not change peoples minds. and i have to let go. and move on. so here is to me trying to move past and forget and trying not to care so much....... yep. not working. it is not who i am. i tried.

i am so lucky to have come from a great family and marry into one! i love you all.

randomness to follow.

((jenn and i loving the crazy hand dryer)) it was TURBO powered!
love you.

this weekend drew got in a good nap with miss pres and then when she woke up dillon needed some time with dad on the couch too.

sunday was leaves day.
dillon loves the mower.

miss pres is growing up so fast.
she is always smiling now.
so good in the car.
loves to lay and play.
loves to snuggle.
i am in love with her huge dimples. i only have one. we call then her "uncle buck" dimples.
((long story but truly funny to us))
we can not believe it but we put her in her crib @ night and she just goes to sleep. lays awake, talks a little and falls asleep. dillon not so much. i remember the 45min scream the first night we put him down @ "bed time". i hope she loves bedtime this much forever.
she is only getting up once @ night! we nights around here are getting normalized! yeah for sleep. even though i get way less than i used to--i am good.

bath time is the best.
dillon would take a bath twice a day if we let him. if we say bath he is running to the bathroom and ripping or trying to rip off his clothes!
pres loves it too.
last night we did double duty bath time.

last night we went over to a friends.
the kids played in the leaves.
we got some super cute shots or A and A and dillon too.
thanks for letting us come play in your beautiful yard!!!
love the one of A and dillon with their backs to me. they are so cute together!

they are doing some house remodeling so dillon was super excited to see a tractor.
i keep telling he will be @ papa's soon for a bobcat ride!!! :)

what else have we been doing?
gymnastics. i think what we are trying to learn the most is sitting and listening. this is a good learning time for him. so far=not so good. but we got 6 weeks left!
open gym=fun. we love to go to the lincoln ed center for open gym.
we usually come home and he wants to relax, eat and nap!

listening to drew moan, groan, yell, and cheer downstairs as he watched the TWINS play the YANKEE's. he told me i should really come watch.."it is so intense"

i packed some of the stuff for the kids.
some for me. (more like just my HARVICK hats-drew thinks i am crazy but i am bringing all 3)
tomorrow we have a friends little girl here with us.
we all have hair cuts.
i have a girls CABI party to go to.
get pLum orders done. ((think i might have to turn off the shop while we are gone))
and i have to be ALL packed and ready to leave friday!
harder to pack when both kids are going seperate ways.
((dillon starts @ gramma's then to jj's then to nana and papa's))
((pres starts and ends @ gramma and grandpa barkers))
need to go get diapers.
yikes. tomorrow might be a bit crazy.


JJB said...

I laughed out loud multiple times...thinking about our night out and Mike's hips, Dilon in the tub, and the two of them taking baths at the same time. You have your hands full! I am so excited to be able to live so close to you guys! Love you and I agree with you...forget about the stuff, or people that you cannot change!!

amber b said...

love this post :)

The Badureks said...

You are truely a wonderful mama, person, and friend!! Love reading all your blogs and watching your gorgeous kids grow! xoxo


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