i love chocolate.

had a great weekend!

random thought.
love THIS. i think i need one! not think. know.

drew and miss pres are asleep on the couch.
dillon is sound asleep too.
me. ran a quick errand. talked to my lovely sis on the phone.
someone is coming to look @ our vintage. antique hutch that is for sale. YIPEE!!
not much else.
had a fun weekend.
kids over to play friday.
nana and papa came to say hello.
overnight for both kids on friday with g & g barker.
we went out! ((thanks jj for keeping us out all night :0) love you))
sat. to fargo for the bison (go sioux) tailgating. we did not even make it there.
stopped to watch jack play football. and the BWW for lunch instead.
last night we went out too for a quick hour.5 to a surprise 40th! and EXCITING---we saw the EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER EDITION BUS. looked for ty. could not find him. of course i asked the front desk if he was there and he was. but no sign of him or anyone else. shucks! my dad signed up to volunteer. i went on tonite and also signed up. the odds of getting accepted are slim with the overwhelming response they are getting. i hope i can find a babysitter if they call! :) the family is so deserving and so excited to see how the project turns out!
today was leaves day for drew. oh my goodness do we have leaves! but it already looks like he never did a thing. he would do one short drive and the bagger was full.
the trailer is plum full and parked in the garage.

dillon got to go on a few rides. and when i took him in to eat lunch we had a bit of a melt down. da da was all he could say and he cried and cried @ the door. someone day we will be begging him to help with the leaves and get near the mower. but right now we can not keep him away!

(i am back to finish blogging @ 8:30 pm)
good news. sold the hutch! yipee!!!! :)
took some fun photos of some friends in their beautiful yard!!! they have beautiful trees surrounding their whole yard!!! i thought we had a lot of leaves...but we have nothing compared to that.
i got a new camera this past week so it was fun to put it to use.
wish i would have had it when b & h were here playing with us!
it is amazing how great it is compared to what i was using!!!!!!
got some cute shots of A tonite to use on my etsy site too!!!! and some cute shots of the whole family!

thanks for being such a perfect little model! xoxoxox

the boys had so much fun playing in the yard. in the leaves. pushing eachother in the car.
so fun having them here.
had cooking club @ a girlfriends here in town. all the kids were invited! had Z pizza and got some chatting in while we all ran after our kids. and yes we call it "cooking club" but i do not think we have "cooked" in months! more of a girls night out!

this is what dillon did the second H and B left Friday.
and right from this position it was so a 9am nap! he was whipped! but well worth it!

can not wait to get some new pictures up that i took and take with the new camera!!!
so glad i took the plunge!
now watching "d housewives"
"brothers and sisters" can not wait!!!



Steph said...

Great pictures, Meg! What kind of camera did you get?

BetsE said...

we had such a great time staying with all of you! we are looking forward to our next get together!


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