me again....

dad......can you believe i am blogging again this week!!!
believe it or not here i am!

today is our weekly beach play date with friends and the SUN is out!  
EXCITED to get out and see everyone!
yesterday we ran to fargo to get last minute items for baby B.  we had a fun morning but needed to get back to have a real nap in his crib.  after a couple of hours shopping--dillon had enough!
still have a list that i did not complete! but what did i expect!

dillon and miss A watching the concert.  

((dillon and B running around!  i love that they have so much fun together!))

we have been having so much fun @ the DL JC's watercarnival events!
from the toddler trot, music in the park and just running around with friends!
i love this week here in DL!  so many people are out and about--with so many fun things to do.
our favorite if the parade on Sunday!  maybe the longest parade in the area--but i love it.  maybe we will get more candy that usual this year with dillon being a bit faster on his feet! and me really willing to push around for those tootsie rolls!
drew is playing in midnight golf this week.  got rained out last night but rescheduled!
water fights, chilli cook off, ice cream social and many more things on our agenda!

we spent some time with our friends the R's out on the pontoon on DL!  we had a great afternoon with great friends and great weather! thanks R's!

we also celebrated the BARKER's 34th wedding anniversary last weekend!

as you can see in this last picture.  dillon is a super tired boy.  i could barely keep him awake the other day in the afternoon.  so funny.  he wanted nothing more than to watch Sesame Street and just BE!

this is a new item i might be adding @ pLum.  i got a request for one and have been having many more requests now!  they are super cute and fun to make!  
i think i might have to run out today and get some more collars and see what i can create!

off to get something done!  not sure what but something.


Cherry Blossoms said...

Sounds like you guys are keeping busy, busy but what fun activities. You look amazing! I can't wait to hear about little Miss B's arrival!
PS: The photo of Dillon lounging is so adorable! What a little man he is.

The Badureks said...

Love all the pics Meg. xoxoxo

amber b said...

such cute pics - you look AMAZING meg! just glowing! just think not too much longer and you will be putting up pics of D and his little sister!!!!!! :)


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