this sums it up.

((this sums up our week so far))
calm and happy.
need to get out and go go go.
hold me hold me hold me!

i know i know so many pictures this week!  i can not help myself.
i just love them all.

we had so much fun @ all of the watercarnival events the past 10 days!  but super excited to have some much needed time @ home with no plans!
((speaking of no plans.  no baby anytime soon.  had an other appt today and still nothing happening!  again i need to remind myself.  more time with us three.  b.c it might be a bit of a mad house around here soon!))
we saw the water fights, went to the chilli cook off, saw the great parade and much much more!
off course we had some ZORBAZ with auntie jj, uncle mike and jack too!  

one of my best friends B and her son Hayden came over to play on Friday!  the boys are like salt and pepper!  H is only 9 months older!  we are going to have so much more fun in the future watching them play and become buddies!

saturday after a day @ the events in town we headed to Fargo and attended a great wedding!
we had a great time but @ about 11:something i was ready to head out!
fun to see D's whole family and many friends from his home town!

Dillon has a new trick!  he used to kiss the baby now he gives her a ZERBURT!  
and then laughs and laughs! i can not get enough of his slobbery zerburts.

so now i can enjoy a couple more weeks maybe or atleast another week of ZERBURTS!  
how lucky am i?  
would not trade it for the world!  that is for sure.
with Dillon being a bit under the weather yesterday and today---we have been hanging low.  
super low.  which has been great for both of us!


Helping All Little Ones said...

I love the last picture of you and Dillon. So sweet.

Take care, rest up and enjoy your last few days as a family of 3 (and the ZERBURTS!) Your sweet little girl will be here before you know it.

love, Taryn

Barker Family Blog said...

That is soooo cute!! He is such a sweetheart and loves his little sister and his Mommy and Daddy so much! Waiting patiently for this little girl to arrive!! Take care!Love to you all!


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