sneak peek!

we are so spoiled.
the week b.f the 4th of July.  my amazingly talented sister did a photo session for us @ the cabin.  :)  she found the perfect field and we had the most amazing weather and sunset for the shoot.  I am in LOVE with all of the photos.  and since we are so lucky to have her in the family we get special treatment and get so many edits it is crazy.  the worst thing about that is i want each and every one printed and framed.  ((drew reminded me we do not have the wall space for that))thank goodness i have the room in my scraproom for more prints....just need to find the time now to scrap them!
here are a couple of my favorites.  thank you thank you thank you mandy for all of your work!  
you truly are an ARTIST.  check out here work HERE!

i need to stop posting now. so excited to see the all in print!!!
off to bed.


The Badureks said...

Oh my gosh for cute!!! She IS truely talented. You are one lucky girl! But you are very talented as well so it must run in the family. :)

Cherry Blossoms said...

Beautiful photos Meg!

Breanne Crawford said...

omgosh!! those are AMAZING photos!!! what a thing to cherish!!

amber b said...

beautiful photos of a beautiful family :)


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