lessons learned.....

1.  winning is not everything
2.  some people are just plain old rude
3.  i do not know how people get through pregnancy nauseated

i am so behind.  ((and my dad reminds me))
i have so much to catch up on.

on winning
dillon was in the toddler trot (part of the water carnival) yesterday.  pumped him up b.f hand and instead of running he cried and wanted dad to hold him.  we were really looking for a win--but we learned a good lesson.  as long as we had fun--that is all that matters!

rude people
got to great comments in the same day.  drew and i got this as we walked in to subway to get an icee.  "two of you...oh i see three or....IS IT FOUR!"  really...
then in a department store the lady checking us out says "When are you due....YESTERDAY?"
seriously people. if you have nothing nice to say.  say nothing @ all.  
i know people who should live by that rule.. ALWAYS!!!  

being nauseated
i have been feeling a bit nauseated lately.  i have never felt like this in my pregnancy with dillon or up until now w.this little girl.  yikes.  not sure how people do it!!!

one of my favorite pictures ever.  (papa and dillon)
a couple of weekends ago we headed to western ND to my cousins wedding.  we all had a great time. so fun to see my family! and dance the night away.
the next morning we ate @ the local cafe and much to my delight they had those quarter machines and there was one with MUSTACHES!  i am sucker for things like that.  so all the kids got one.  sadly dillon was not such a fan.  ((dont worry i still have it)) and we try it on daily--he is getting used to the idea.  but thinks it is way funnier when drew has it on.  he is going to have to get used to the idea that i love those kind of things...

over the week of the fourth we spent the week @ the cabin with family.  so tired by the end of the week.  we had the best weather we could have asked for. 
then we stayed home for the weekend.
friends and family were here off and on.
boat parade on munson.  22 boats this year!  which is a record as far as i know!

tons more to catch up on and pictures to upload.  my camera is full once again. how does that happen in a couple of days.  1600 pictures are easy to come by i guess.
going to go make lunch for d.
be back later.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Great pictures! People are so g.d. rude. I remember the comments my SIL would get towards the end of her pregnancy... it was just plain rude. I mean, it's pretty much the worst time to make comments like that since you are a bit more emotional when expecting... unreal.

Thanks for bringign us up to date on your life & adventures! Hope the nausea goes away soon!

the ritchie's said...

first of all you look like one hot pregnant mama. don't let others get to you. second, i hope you are feeling better. but maybe it means you really are going to have this baby sooner than later. i felt sick just before i had hattie :) my fingers are crossed!!!

Jamie Smith said...

The absolute worst comment I would get towards the end of my pregnancies that just drove me crazy was, "Are you STILL pregnant?" Which is the absolute worst thing you can say to someone who is overdue! Ahh! Drove me crazy! Hang in there, Meg! What an exciting time for your family. Just enjoy this time with Dillon and Drew. Good luck!

The Badureks said...

I totally feel your pain about rude people! We could compare stories!! Sometimes you just wonder how unhappy they must be to say such mean things! You look AWESOME!!! Don't let anyone make you think anything different. Love all the pictures!!


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