and she makes 4.

we welcomed miss 
Preslee Jae Barker
to our family July 28th @ 10:32am
7lbs 4oz
20.5in long

tuesday we were a family of three...almost four and b.f we knew it
we were a family of 4!  
and she is a blonde blue eyed baby.  who knew?
she is a perfect baby girl.  
big dimples in her cheeks
long and thin toes and fingers
maybe the longest tongue i have ever seen
and she made our hearts grow even bigger.  
it is amazing how much you can love another child. 
being a parent is truly an amazing experience.  and i would not trade it for the world!
we love you preslee.
mom, dad and dillon
((check THIS out to see how she looks compared to her big brother!!! i am not sure they could be any more different))

we are still @ the hospital.  miss pres is under the bili lights.  dad is home getting some stuff done and ready for us to come home.  and i am here looking @ pictures, relaxing and watching the today show!
can not wait to be home @ last.


The Badureks said...

I'm sooo happy for you guys. It makes me a little emotional. haha She was actually born on my mom's bday. :) I can't wait to see miss Preslee in person. She's absolutely perfect!!

Emily said...

She is gorgeous Meg! Congrats!!

TLF said...

Awwe. She's simply stunning! Love the name.. Congrats on your baby girl! :)

Natalie said...

She's an absolute doll. Congratulations. She shares a name with my neice- love it! Enjoy your little girl to dress up & put bows on. They're so much fun.

Cherry Blossoms said...

So adorable!! You guys def make some beautiful babies.
PS: I love how you are blogging from the hospital!!

nicole.vandam said...

Oooooh Meg, she is so cute! And takes after her mommy! Yay! So funny how two siblings can be so different. So glad that Jack and I got to come and meet her yesterday, although he was just not impressed at all. Preslee probably breathed a sigh of relief when we left, "aw, peace and quiet". Hope you've been able to get some rest, and that everyone is home. We'll see you next week! And tell Drew not to worry about getting anything to the camper-Andy knows what he likes and it will be stocked and ready to go. I have a feeling a nice cold beer will go down pretty well by then! Congratulations you guys!

The Elliott Boyz said...

Congrats! Can't wait to see pic's of Dillion and his little sis!

amber b said...

meagan i am so happy you posted these pictures i was getting anxious to see what little Preslee looked like - she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!You are glowing! Preslee is very lucky to have a mommy and daddy like you and Drew and a big brother like Dillon :)

ps: we will have to teach you guys the billirubin song we used to sing to Mason all the time!

the ritchie's said...

Barker's....it was so fun to meet miss Preslee Jae. She is so pretty. Can't wait to see Dillon and Preslee together. He will be a great BIG brother.
See you at WEFest?!?!


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