being the big brother....

being a big brother comes with responsibility
giving lots of kisses
sharing mommy and daddy's lap
give many cuddles and snuggles
learning to share toys. snacks. someday
((maybe just maybe)) sharing your paci's ((mee))
teaching her everything you know.
and always always always be her best friend (no matter what)

and i know Dillon is going to be the best big brother preslee could ever ask for

by now i might have met everyone on fourth floor of Innovis.  
((one of who is a friend of mine SB.  she had a beautiful baby girl this morning.  so excited for her and A.  they are going to be such great parents))
have met so many beautiful babies.  and they are all girls.
have gotten as much snuggling in as i can.
watched two movies.  
took a much needed nap.
did some online shopping.
read magazines.
making to do lists for when we get home.  
but mostly am just anticipating getting home!

Pres is being an angel.
she has been under the light going on 72 hours.  and does not fuss @ all.
i wake her to eat.  we snuggle.  read a book.  
and she goes back in her bed.  
and then soon we start all over again.
good night all.


bron @ baby space said...

Aww, congratulations - your family is gorgeous! The Baby Space toddler had to go under lights too (which isn't much fun) but sounds like you're all doing so well :)

TLF said...

The teeny tiny pLum headband is too precious for words!

JJB said...

Or...Dillon could chase Preslee around with a golf club like my brother did to me :-) Ha! Either way...she will be a better women having a big brother...So happy for you guys and I love being Auntie JJ!


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