the waiting game.

((window pictures taken this morning))

had a doc appt today.  
no news.  we always say no news is good news unless you are pregnant and waiting for baby.
nothing has progressed so that means i am not hopeful that this baby will even arrive on time 
we induce like we did with D.
it is like dejavu.  
my bloodpressure is back up. 
swelling is sneaking up on me.  
but we will just sit and wait wait wait.
but that 
more time as a family of three.  
more time to spoil d.
more time to get that needed pedicure.
time to paint the end table
time to decide on what is going to be on her walls.
time to order some rufflebutts for her.
and to keep scanning online for cute clothes.  
and maybe think of some good ideas for a middle name?!?!?!  

how cute are all of these?
i am in love.  

just had a fun night out with the ladies.
we even went to BINGO (part of the water carnival) and H even won!
when i got home drew left for midnight golf.  the are lining the fairway with glow sticks.  should be a fun time for them!  and a late night.

off to bed for me.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Meg, you look beautiful! Love those self-photos. You are so cute pregnant. I hope Miss Barker makes her appearance soon! I am sure you are so ready to meet her!

Cherry Blossoms said...

So adorable Meg! I can't wait to hear the news and see photos!!

The Badureks said...

How cute are you!!! I still can't believe the comments last weekend. Some people are just fools! You look amazing!! :)

Barker Family Blog said...

You look beautiful - hang in there!!! She will be as beautiful as her Mom and very much worth the wait! Hope to see you tomorrow!! Love, Grandma Becky

amber b said...

aaa those are the cutest little girl clothes!!
miss you!

Breanne Crawford said...

lovelovelove all the cute clothes you found! having a girl sure is expensive, huh?! :)


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