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b/f i was ever a mom..i thought i knew everything!  boy was i wrong. but what i do know is how we parent works for us!  i have to admit i am probably not the most traditional mom...i do things differently.  no dillon does not always have socks on.  or pants for that matter.  he does not take baths every other day. (or sometimes no even every three days!)   i have not taught him to listen to no no.  i rarely have him wear shoes.  we are not always on a perfect schedule.  
(even though my schedule is what makes us work so well)  
but what i can say is that he is the happiest boy!  
he is thriving, learning, growing, laughing, moving, teaching, 
smiling and giggling everyday!  
i think one of the most important things i have learned by being a mother is that everyone does it differently!  don't let it bother you if others do not agree.  b/c if it works for you--then it works! 

last night we went to go to the SIOUX hockey game.  drews aunt and uncle billie and mark let us sit in their seats!  thanks so much!  they were there in a suite with friends!  so we also got to go enjoy time there too!!!  thanks to you all.  dillon was super!  he did a lot of clapping, pointing and saying uuuuuhhh, and snuggling!    :)
and we even got on the BIG SCREEN!!   thanks to having a cute kid!  
dillons favorite things are now.
pushing his go cart around....he can not go around corners and turn around like a crazy man.  
he also whistles---randomly we hear him and i still can not get it on video.  he will not do it when i want.. of course!
everything is a phone.  
hope this is not a jinx but he just woke up from a 3 hour morning nap.  
schedule it will be nice to see you again!  :) 
loves cars.
loves books!  i love when they read and turn the pages!
loves music.  katy perry hot and cold is still his favorite!  

it is race day here @ the barkers!  and i have a ton of pLum to catch up on!  so we are going to hole up in the basement all day for racing, crafting and playing!
i am going to get some of my olympic fix b.f i get to work!!!  :)
have a great day everyone!


amber b said...

it was great seeing you guys last night, even if it was only for 10 min! i totally agree with the parenting thing - i was cleaning off my bookshelf and looking at all the parenting/"your child should be doing this" books i bought when i was first pregnant and now i laugh thinking of how paranoid I was... and how my mom was right when she told me over and over those books are a waste of time! dillon is lucky to have such wonderful parents and he is such a happy boy!!! :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Gosh he is cute! I think the schedule that works for you is the best schedule - who cares what works for others! I hate when people give unsolicited advice & try to say there is a certain way to do everything! So annoying!

Love the baby bump photo in the previous post - you are so cute pregnant! Can't wait to hear what you guys are having!

the ritchie's said...

Megan you are a great mommy. It is nice to hear that other moms do not follow any books to a "T" and do what you are supposed to do. Who came up with that anyways. Dillon is such a happy & healthy baby, that is what really matters :) Keep being the same you because it is obviously working.

We are all coming over Thursday night for a little while...hope your hubby informed you and it is okay. Hattie and Dillon can chase each other around.

Linds said...

So so true! Moms should always do what makes them feel comfortable. After all you are the mommy! :)

BetsE said...

What I've learned...I am perfect at nothing, great at a few things and good enough at most! (and horrible at some) And the thing is...you are perfect for and to Dillon and Baby Deuce! Keep doing what you are doing!


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