we love tuesdays.. especially this one!

and to my husband!  
yesterday drew turned the big 3-0.  can not believe it.  he has been talking about his 30th for so many years.  b/c his dream was to always go to the Daytona 500 for it...well he got his wish and yesterday he did too---I COOKED SUPPER.  i am not much of anything in the kitchen.  really good @ hot dogs and mac/cheez now and cut up fruit 
but i figured he would not be too impressed with that!
and i was sleeping by 8:30.   we are party animals.  that is what you get for getting old.  right?
but he had a great birthday.  now that dillons has passed, drews is over.....time to start celebrating mine!!!  :) 

tuesdays are fun here.  we get to have dillons friend peyton over for the day.  so we get to play, fight, laugh, eat, snack, nap, steal eachothers toys, watch sesame street and climb the stairs over and over!!!   yesterday we made cupcakes for a snack.  i figured it was drews birthday we might as well celebrate!!!  they loved them.  but i have never ever in my life seen such a mess from two little ones!  should have taken some pictures @ the end.  poor peyton went home with chocolate all over and even on her socks....i even shout wiped her down after lunch!  i didnt dare change her clothes since i figured she would just get the next outfit dirty too.  dillon is always a mess but when it is not your child....i feel bad.  sorry L's.  can she come back next week!?!?!?!

drew and i are still laughing about these lines from the bachelor on monday
did she fall out of a disney movie.
she dreams in cartoons.
she ***** rainbows.
oh how i love this show.  but really starting to think that he picks no one.  maybe he and allie will get back together?!?!?!?  maybe just maybe.  i doubt it after all of the publicity she is going through.  but you could so see the connection they have when they saw eachother on the reunion.  :(

searching for a double stroller.  have a couple of months to find one but wanted to start looking.  not sure what the heck to get.  the range from 150-1000.  it is total craziness!   felt baby b move monday night.  when i was awake from 2-5am again.  this whole not sleeping thing is not working out so well for me!  

i have been working on a ton of fun orders for pLum!  
shown are:
pom pom headbands for the boutique in Texas. 
and bracelets for a wedding party!
i also broke down and ordered a button machine to make buttons for the interchangeable necklaces.  i was working with another etsy lady but it was too hard sending papers ect to her and then wanting one or two of something.  so i ordered one and hope to get it this week.  can not wait to sit down and start making fun, bright colors, unique necklace options!
have a bunch more ideas floating in this head of mine too. 
dillon is just too much fun to play with all day so i never get anything done.  
he is napping now and i am sitting here. 
plum also now has a FACEBOOK page.  check it out HERE!
better get something done.
like cleaning!!!  :)


Emily said...

Love those wedding party bracelets! So nice!

Cherry Blossoms said...

Such neat new product Meg! I want your life!!

Breanne Crawford said...

can i make a stroller suggestion?? get a double maclaren! i know lots of people who went through lots of strollers before finally deciding on that one!

BetsE said...

ok...that pic of dillon trying to steal peyton's cupcake is priceless!! :) love it!!

Kelli said...

Such cute pics of Dillon!!! And wish Drew a Happy Birthday.

We have a BOB revolution single stroller and we absolutely love it. When one of my friends from high school came to visit last summer with her little boy, we borrowed a BOB double from a friend and it was awesome. It seems big, but it fits through all doors and they are just so smooth to push. Also, they have the infant adapter bar so that Dillon can sit on one side with a snack tray and then you can put the baby's carseat on the other side. Just a suggestion. Kind of pricey though. I think like $580, but you can get 20% off at REI a couple of times during the year.


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