schedule....what schedule.

we are home sweet home!  
we had a great time in Daytona.  the weather was not very cooperative 
but that did not stop us from having a good time even if it was in four sweatshirts, or poncho's, 
stocking caps, blankets and gloves!!!

i only took 1359 pictures.....so here are a few to share with you all.

here is baby barker.  and dillon wanting to be held
 too.  since we got home he wants to be held all day and does not want to nap.....it is a bit of a fight.  that is ok.  i guess he missed us!
tuesday morning when i went in his room when he woke....he looked @ me and then looked around for nana and then started to cry a little.  poor guy...he is still missing nana!  thanks mom so much for taking care of him while we were gone!  we appreciate it so much!  and for shampooing the carpet!  wow what a difference!!!  :)
we find out what we are having in less than three weeks.  all looked good yesterday.  heartbeat is fast....but i am still thinking boy! but if it is a girl...tights, shoes, hats and dresses here i come!  i will go hog wild!
will catch up later.  have to go get some pLum stuff made and sent out today!
xoxoox to all.


Emily said...

what a cute baby bump! :)

amber b said...

looks like you guys had a great time in Florida! what a fun experience! Still seems unreal to me sometimes that you are having a baby again - what an adorable baby bump!!! Dillon is getting so big!

Breanne Crawford said...

you look SO Cute!!!


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