sunny day=sledding

yes yes i know he is wearing pink boots!  let me tell you it is impossible to find small boots and small boots in black or grey is for sure impossible!  and we rarely wear them since he is not walking so i bought the only ones i could find and they were pink.  they are still too big but they do the job.
papa built this sled.  it is perfect.  dillon can sit up and sit back and hold on.  it is so far to find a sled that works for his age.  
he had so much fun sledding around our yard!  even if he had to wear pink boots!  
thanks papa and nana for the great sled!  we love it!!!


Cherry Blossoms said...

Too cute and perhaps those pink boots will be getting more use with the next one?!!

amber b said...

you know what they say meg-- "real men wear pink" I did find some dark blue boots @ Target for Mason... I saw your survey about Baby Barker 2 - I was going to guess a girl but then I remembered the necklace test-- boy boy girl, so I am changing my vote to a boy!!! :)

Billie said...

I totally forgot the necklace test!

Pink boots or not, he looks like he is loving the sled ride.


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