our baby is ONE!

wow how a year can fly by.
i can hardly believe that one year ago we were in the hospital staring @ our beautiful new baby! and now we are chasing him, laughing with him, dancing, snuggling, playing................
people always told me time will fly..i always thought it was something people said. but it is so TRUE! oh how i love these days but how i miss those days too!
happy birthday to you Dillon!
we love you!!!

these are from his birthday party this weekend!!!

2.2.10. dillon's first salon haircut.
he did so well. he sat up and just enjoyed the time to be pampered!
what a difference the before and after! no more hockey hair!

today we celebrated.
breakfast of champions ended with some cake!
dillon and i went to fargo.
had a birthday lunch.
home to ZORBAZ for dinner.
he even got a shout out on the sign!
curling club.
home to put ice on his first big bump
and to bed!
our baby is ONE!!!

trying to get this to publish!
will be back with more later..this is the third time i am doing this post....
and the last if it does not post.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh he is so darn cute! I can't believe he's one!!

teacherwoman said...

Happy Birthday, Dillon! What a doll!

the ritchie's said...

Looks like you had a great day together. So fun. I just love Dillon's birthday cake. Did you make that Meg? How did you get him to sit so nice for his haircut? What a good boy he is :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Happy Birthday Big guy!

Emily said...

What an adorable party hat! Cute cute...happy 1st birthday :)

Breanne Crawford said...

WOW! happy birthday, dillon!!! and congrats on making it through the first year, meg!! i'm in the midst of planning madelyn's birthday bash now hah :)


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