i have been working so hard lately on orders for pLum.  so fun. so much work!  but i love the outcome of them all.  have a new boutique in Texas that is going to start selling pLum.  her first shipment is going out this weekend!  excited to see how it goes for her!

got some advertising on this site.  her site is amazing!  
full of goodies!
 my mom is on her way here.  snow storm on the way and we are heading out to DAYTONA to the 500 early tuesday morning. so my dad is kicking her out of the house so she does not get stranded @ home.  hope we do not bore her while she is here!!!!  i know dillon wont when we are gone!  he will keep her on her toes!  so thankful that nana will come stay and take care of our Dillon.  he will be super excited to have that much time with her!  maybe papa can come visit too for valentines!!!  xoxoxo
heading out to see the vintage snowmobile races.  i just drove in to fargo and saw hundreds of sleds on the run!  so we better get bundled up and go check them out!  too bad we sold ours earlier this year!!!  this would have been the second winter in a row i am pregnant and could not ride.  so soon maybe we can get new ones and dillon can get one too!!!
later xoxoxo

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Cherry Blossoms said...

That is so awesome that you will have a boutique carrying your items! Way to go and that site you linked us to is really cute.
Have a great trip!!


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