we are famous. kinda

drew got our stuff in the mail for DAYTONA.   and as he was scanning the fan guise he came across a picture of us and our friends.  who knew?
about 3.5 years ago drew, myself, the buzicks and the tibbetts headed to kansas city for the NASCAR race!  little did we know we were going to be famous!!!    ok ok ok.....we are not famous.  but who knows how many things we have been published in.  

we are starting to get packed.  a much different packing experience when you are not pacing swimsuits and flips flops and coverups!!!  that is usually all i care about.  and now i do not even know what to pack.  the weather does not look good.  rain and 60's.  oh well a trip.  i can not wait for my 30th next year to go lay on the beach @ an all inclusive resort!!!  who is going to watch two kids next year.... better start working on the parents!  

better get going.  get ready and get packed!  
have a great week everyone!
trying to get nana to keep up the blog while i am gone!  don't count on it dad..... you better just come visit this weekend!   


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

You are totally famous! :)

Enjoy your time away. Your beach get-away for your 30th sounds perfect! I am sure both sets of grandparents will be fighting over who gets to pabysit your adorable kiddos!

Emily said...

haha this is awesome!


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