i have about 100 shows on TIVO to watch and i think today is the day to start--- was thinking of going for a walk but looks like rain is about to head our direction!
Dillon and i just got back from the hospital. he had an ultrasound to look @ his tummy. he has a bit of reflux and so they decided to look @ this by ultrasound. i dont exaclty know why but i will do whatever i guess. when it is your own baby i guess you just want to make sure everything is good! and it looks like it but you never know!??!?! he laid there with no problems--he is such a trooper! so now we go back again to see the doc on thursday!
have gotten some time to relax in my studio lately. and get my thoughts on paper!
i am not doing a baby book for D.
first b/c i know i wont fill it out.
2nd-we will have more kids and to think i would keep up would be too much to ask.
3rd i put it all on paper.
4th-it is jsut no my thing!
and i think having having his scrap pages will be just perfect! :) i write down all of the things i want to remember and i want him to know! :)


amber b said...

meg i just LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your Dillon pages!!! He is so lucky to have such a talented mommy and have such amazing pages to look back on when he is older!

i started a baby book for Mason, and I am already falling behind, so it is probably a good idea to just not do one! :) Scrapbook pages are so much more meaningful anyway!

Kurstin said...

these are beautiful meg! Dillon is getting so big!

Barker Family Blog said...

These pages are so much more beautiful and meaningful than any book could be! You are so talented and Dillon is so lucky to have you - and Andrew too of course! Love to all - see you Thursday! Grandma Becky

Anne said...

wow you are so talented! I hear you are coming scrapbooking with us soon..my sister in law is setting it up! I can't wait to steal some ideas from your work!I'm with you on the journaling...I scrap all 3 of my childrens pics..and baby #4 on the way. That's my way of journaling for them!! hehe Can't wait to meet you!
Anne Koste

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

okay, i'm delurking....i've been reading your blog for awhile and just catching up with the last few posts...congrats by the way on the little guy... wanted to tell he's having issues with reflux, colicky, or anything similar-try a chiropractor! seriously! i worked for one a few years ago that performed LOW FORCE adjustments-we would occasionally have screaming spitting up babies come in and they'd leave sleeping. i used one with my daughter when she had reflux as a newborn-we are talking projectile across the room...totally helped. {can't remember if you are nursing or not, but if you are and a big dairy consumer-cut back, that can cause a lot of issues for little ones.}

best of luck!

Jody said...

I just found your link through Scrapjacked. I love your blog and your little Dillion is adorable! Thanks for sharing your scrap pages/projects. I'll be back to keep checking them out and watching your little guy grow. Enjoy every minute of him!

Vee said...

i hope baby d. is okay momma!!!! hugs!!! I love all of your projects and I am in the same boat my dvr is about to blow up for reals! :)


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