8 weeks old!

dillon turned 8 weeks yesterday! time has flown by so fast. I can not believe how big he has gone and how much he has changed. I just love the smiles, the chubby legs and arms, the noises, the talking, the cute toes, those big brown eyes, the eyelashes that keep growing!....i just love it all!
he loves his new bumbo he got from gramma barker! he sits up in it so well! he looked so big sitting in it yesterday. then i had him in the little onsie! drew says i like to play dress up--which might be kind of true but i have to change him when he is constantly spitting up! but he looked like a muscle man in his onsie yesterday. i love those chubby arms poking out of the sleeve!
we are starting zantac today. we will see if this helps at all. he is always spitting up so we are going to try whatever we can. i think it has gotten worse since we are doing partial formula! i just want him to feel good--it probably affects me more than it does him!
The snowstorm is gone and now we just had to shovel out. drew was out with the snowblower for a long time getting through all of the wet snow! i would say we got over 12inches! our beck has about 2 feet on it! :)
Last night we started Dillons sleep schedule. we are trying to start some kind of schedule since i only have 4 more weeks @ home. I am reading or reading again The Baby Whisperer and 12hours by 12 weeks. I am not hopefull on thinking we will sleep 12 hours straight anytime soon but we are going to work on sleeping longer! There are a couple of steps--once being eating more fewer times throughout the day. He has gotten that one down like a champ. he is such a good eater! but he still wants to get up every 4 hours @ night to eat. :) and the other part is putting him in his crib awake @ bedtime nad letting him put himself to sleep. I called my sister for a pep talk! her kids are so wonderful @ going to bed--we know she knows what she is talking about. So we laid him down and went and watched comedy central-45 minutes later we was sleeping. we went in and checked on him and calmed him down every 5 minutes.... but that goodness the comic was good so i had something to keep hy mind of of the crying---i could hear it through the vents. :) we were just so happy to see him fall asleep and still smile @ us this morning when he woke up! :)
speaking of waking up--he is waking now!
love meg


amber b said...

we can be eachother's support system on the sleeping/schedule thing.. we are trying too-- and I am also re-reading the Baby Whisperer-- Mason still gets up at night to eat and I dont think that is going to stop! I agree that it is hard to not rock them to sleep, because it is easier I think than going to get them every 5 min. when they cry! Naps are the hardest for us(I should say me)because it seems like we spend almost all afternoon trying to get Mason to stay asleep for longer than 15 min. Somedays I just wish that I could call Tracy Hogg up and have her work her magic! Maybe we could get a 2-4-1 discount! :)

Shawna and Chuck said...

What a cute, cute boy!

Kelli said...

I wish you luck in getting Dillon to sleep through the night. It is such a difficult task and probably took Mariah until about 11-12 months to not wake up at night. I survived going back to work on not much sleep though and so will you if you have to. It seems like you just become used to the lack of it :)

the ritchie's said...

baby d,
you are growing up so fast. can't believe you are already 2 months old. it seems like just yesterday we came to meet you at the hospital. now you need to give your mom and dad the best gift....SLEEP! Glad to see you will be doing the swim class too. ry and i are excited to get her in the "big pool".

Shelley said...

Well, Meagan, you might be fighting genes. Dillon's grandpa was a pukey baby (according to Great-grandma Caroline), his dad was a pukey baby (according to his babysitter when he was 3 months to 6 months...me), so it makes sense that Dillon is a pukey baby. I discovered that if you didn't move Andrew very fast (or very much) after you fed him, he was a lot better about spitting up...maybe it will help Dillon.

Aunt Shelley

Billie said...

Dillon is SO DAMN CUTE!! He has grown up so much since I saw him last. I can't wait to get my hands on him again! Good luck with the sleep hours...

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

wow - Dillon is growing so fast! He looks like such a little man in his bumbo! I love those things!

I hope the rest of your maternity leave goes by SUPER SLOW. :) Enjoy every minute of it, as you have so far!


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