so much to say.....

back to work tomorrow---i am so sad.
dillon has just reached the stage where he knows us so well and when we walk in the room he lights up. he talks up a storm--- between gooooo, and oooohhh and eeehhhhh he is always telling up stories.
he is sounds asleep in his crib right now. we are so lucky to have such a good sleeper! i owe it to my sister. she gave me the best advice! thanks ana your the best! we love you! xoxoxo
  • we did the ms walk on saturday! a perfect day for the walk! thanks to those who donated
  • we put the dock in on sunday--now it looks like summer around here
  • i have been making headbands and burp cloths
  • drew got our yard and beach looking great! now time to get the mower out!
  • we have been in swimming lessons-d loves it! he has been going under-but i think it bothers his ears--so this week we are skipping that part!
  • big news in the barker house is that d is pooping!!! :) YIPPE! his meds work like a charm!
  • dillon is sleeping through the night---well i consider it through the night. he goes to bed around 8 and wakes up @ 5am to eat then back to bed..... he gets a good 12 hours!
  • today i think he is on a hunger strike---b/c i am going back to work.. or he has a cold and not in the mood to eat. one or the other! :) i think the first option!
  • last week went on a great walk with 2 new girlfriends and their little ones. we had such a great day! it was 80 and sunny! the picture above is of breck, owen and dillon. breck is 13 weeks old and owen is 4 weeks!


Billie said...

The ice is off! Who knew?!?!?

Dillon is such a sweetheart...and it is difficult to leave them at day care. I won't lie...it will break your heart for the first week or so. But he will be fine. And it is really good for them to be around other kids.

I'll be thinking of you all tomorrow!



BetsE said...

I can't believe that it is time for you to go back to work. It is difficult, but it gets better each time. I will be thinking of you...call if you need someone to talk to! Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Meg,

Hope you and Dillon have a good day today!

JJB said...

Thinking of you today...

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I hope your first day back went ok! Who will be watching little Dillon. He is so cute!! And yea for getting him to sleep through the night like that! :)

mandy said...

Just want to give him some squeezes he is so darn cute... hes getting so bi!!! cant wait to see you end of the month. love ya.


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