there is no hope for dillon to have a straight smile--drew and i both have crooked smiles that go up on the left---see the picture above for proof! :) good thing he had these dashing good looks like his dad. it is so funny now when anyone sees him the first thing say is usually something to the effect of "oh my goodness he looks like his daddy".
i hate reruns---i look forward to thursdays and i hate it when i look at the info and see Greys is going to be a rerun..... it kinf od ruins my day. good thing i got dillons cute smile to make it all better!!!
sunday we went and met Dillons new buddy Mason up in Warren for his babtism. they will be such good buddies some day--i can not wait. the picture is of his mommy amber, dillon, mason and i! :) thanks for the great day you guys!

this week dillon and i were in mnpls for a couple of days! So fun to see his cousins J, J and C! Chase and Dillon are only 10 weeks apart---right now they look like ages apart but soon dillon will catch up and they will be the best of buddies!!!! :) they could care less about eachother right now---i can not wait for that to change. :) we get to see the whole family again tomorrow when we head to my parents farm! We are going to celebrate my moms 60th BIRTHDAY!!! she tunred 60 on Tuesday the 7th---you would never guess she is 60- you look great mom!! :) i hope i have those same genes!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!

today Dillon and i went and met another new friend JACK. our friends had their first boy sunday. he is so sweet and little-i can not believe D was that small @ one point. :) i dont even remember. Jack is one lucky little boy-he had a sweet big sister who loves him to death and wonderful parents. It was so fun meeting him today! Dillon looks like a giant next to him!
Besides that...we are pretty boring around here!
Dillon and i hung out all day! he is talking like crazy, smiling all of the time and especially when dad comes home! he just lights up! :) just put him too bed. he loves his crib :)
this is our cat-Bailey. i am not sure how he got in this position--he acts as if he had such a hard long day. even though he sleeps most of the day. lazy lazy lazy
this is what i have been doing today too.. organizing dillons closet. and getting out the clothes that fit now. he is so spoiled by his ana mandy and cousin chase. he gets his hand me downs that is growing out of now. so we are so lucky. he is one well dressed little guy! thanks ana for my new duds!
Dillon starts swimming lesson in 2 weeks. living in MN the land of 10,000 lakes and also living on a lake means getting used to the water as soon as possible. so we are excited to get him in the water and see how he does. he loves his bathe so we are ahoping it is the same for the pool. :) we are doing it with 5 other babies and their families here in DL! so we are excited!!!
gonna go watch some TIVO---betsy i am with you. i could not live w/o it!!!


the ritchie's said...

Glad you had a fun trip down in the cities with your sis and the kids. Hope you are doing well. Have a fun 1st Easter with little D.
p.s. I tried the headbands and I think they turned out good. Even made hattie girl one for Easter. Will show you some day soon.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Dillon is so cute! Our family also has the 1/2 smile/crooked smile thing! It's genetic - my grandpa, dad, brother, and I all have it & my brother's boys have it too!

I can't believe your mom is 60. She has aged so dang well. You blonds always do, though. My mom is a blond and also has aged well. I have more gray hair than she does which is really, really depressing!!!

Happy Easter!

Mel said...

Ah, your boy is toooo cute. I am sure he is going to love swimming...babies always love [warm] water!


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