enjoying this week

this is my last full week of maternity leave and i am so SAD!!!!
i am lovign this time @ home with D and do not want to leave him all day--i know he is in good hands of course but his smiles and goo's just make me smile and i dont want to miss all of that.
and i think i just saw a bat outside my window. i would think it is still too cold for them here but maybe not!?!!!? our deck furniture is back--they must know. they try to hang out in our umbrella. but i become bat women when they come and try to invade!!!!
what have we been up too? last week amy, audrey, dillon and i went to fargo to see the fosbergs-J,K Ellie and baby jack.

dillon (10 weeks), audrey(almost 12weeks) and baby jack 9days old that day and miss ellie who is almost 2!
Betsy and Hayden came on Wednesday to visit. we had a fun lunch with our friend Ellie and then after the boys napped we were off to the pool. They loved it--I guess i am not so sure Dillon loved it. He did not change his expression the whole time we were in there... he did not even crack a smile and then fell asleep. Betsy and i decided he might be that guy in the corner @ partys sleeping. well he for sure will be a star student @ swimming class tomorrow...atleast he was not screaming! Hayden loved it----he is ready for a summer @ the lake!

went to the doctor 4 times in the last week. ultrasound came back perfect--so i guess we just need to wait out the reflux and know in the back of our minds it will get better with time. :) now he is constipated. poor guy! :) and an eye infection this weekend so we were @ the ER on Saturday night to get some drops for that.
we start swimming tomorrow night so EXCITED!
went to SUGARLAND on thursday night---Some friends Sam and Mo from here in DL also had tickets so we rode together and went our b/f and had so much fun. we stayed overnight---and stayed out way later than i am used too. the concert was so good---i just love them and to prove it i lost my voice!!! :)
Friday night we had a girls night out to KERI NOBLE here in DL. my girlfriend erica and kenzie came from Bismarck!!! the conert was so fun--she rocks and i hope to see her again soon!
now i am going to go make some more headbands. and yes to answer some questions the store will be open soon and they will be made for adults and kids!!! :) trying to think of a name for the store.......cant open till i have something good.


Anonymous said...

Poor Dillon! He is so darn cute and getting so big. I can't wait to see him again!

the ritchie's said...

Excited to see you and baby D at lessons tonight. Cherish your last few days together. Can't wait to see all your fun headbands in your online store!!

amber b said...

Enjoy every last second of your last week! Going back to work is hard, but it seems to get a little easier each day!

Linds said...

going back to work is so hard (especially with your first) but i promise it does get easier and they learn so many important skills being around other adults and kids. :) kobey & cooper both love daycare. xoxo linds


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