growing like a bad weed

Dillons 2 month check.
well the verdict is in he will be a linebacker!!!

13lbs 13oz-- 90% percentile. 23inches long 50% percentile!!!

he got 3 shots and was such a tropper and has been sleeping all day long except when i wake him to eat! :) cant wait to see how the night goes! last night was the best night yet. 7 straight hours of sleep. :) my little baby will be sleeping through the night soon and i know i will be sad when i do not get to get up to feed him---i love that time we have together!
i will be happy to have a bit more sleep--but i think 6 hours might be a good thing for me.

daddy and dillon getting ready for the shots! :) i love those rolls!! and daddy looks cute too!!!

this is how he looks this afternoon. sleep sleep sleep
i love my little bad weed!

we had a great weekend. friday afternoon we headed to forman to my parents to celebrate my moms 60th! fiday night after supper we had a bonfire complete with smores, laughing, funny stories and of course some beer! :) we had a great saturday--with a brunch made by mandy and i and then an easter egg hunt for j and j--they had so much fun running around finding their eggs and on thier scavenger hunt! we hung out in the yard most of the day since it was so nice out! we headed home saturday night so we could spend easter sunday with drews family here @ the lake! after church we headed to their house for yummie snacks--which we always eat to many of and then a great dinner! :) Dillon is the only baby in the family so we do not get to hold him much during the day! to say the least he is tired of being held when we get home! he lays on the floor all spread out and coo's. it is pretty cute! :) dont get me wrong he loves being held but after awhile he is ready to STRETCH out! thanks everyone for the great weekend! :)

my adorable nephews!! are they not the cutest??!?!

my sister took this photo on my camera of drew and i on the tire swing @ mom and dads!!! :) go check her out she is amazing!!! :)
and i have been busy busy making headbands! it has been so much fun. jayden did some modeling for me on satruday--mandy got some great shots of her. she is a natural model.

did you watch oprah today!!!?!??! it was such a good show! all about dads! :) i have been following THIS blog for a year now and today Matt was interviewed! he is such an amazing father and i love reading his blog and following their lives! :) he is one in a million.

better go.



Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I didn't know you followed Matt's blog! Isn't he amazing? I did the Liz Logelin 5k last fall - it was really weird meeting him after reading his blog for so long! But very cool to meet him!

Glad that little Dillon is growing like a weed. :)

BetsE said...

SERIOUSLY! I love love love that picture of D with his hand in his face! It's like...ok mom, just let me take a nap already, enough with the camera in my face. :) He is so darn cute! And already 13 lbs 13 oz! What a big boy! Can't wait to see him this week!
I too watched Oprah today and I bawled! It definitely made me thankful that there are 2 of us taking care of our little boy. Talk to you soon!

JJB said...

So...you are saying that we need to put him down once and a while?? Ok...I suppose :-) He is just so darn cute! See you Thursday!!

TLF said...

When are we going to be able to purchase those adorable headbands???

Meg said...

no auntie jj you can hold him all you want!!!
and my etsy store for the headbands will be openeing soon!! :) i cant wait! i am having so much fun making them!

amber b said...

yes when can I buy a headband from you??? I actually would like a couple for when I go back to work and need to adjust to getting myself and Mason ready by 7:45 AM!


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