opening soon....

i am so excited
i have been having so much fun making headbands for myself and my girlfriends that i am opening a etsy shop so i can keep making them!!! here is a sneak peak!
mandy took these pics of her daughter j as my little model. i love them mandy-they tunred out perfect.
thanks for being such a great little model j--you are a natural. :) love you


Breanne Crawford said...

omgosh. i LOVE those. are you making baby sizes?!?! *crosses fingers*

Vee said...

too cute girl! :)

jacquelyn senske said...

hi meg,
i have been following your blog for a while b/c of your amazing scrap talent! thanks for the creative juices!

are you going to be making adult-size headbands? i love some of the ones you are wearing in your photos and i'm just assuming you made them :)

i will definitely be visiting your etsy shop if this is the case!



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