i am off

i am off tomorrow after work for a girls weekend of scrapbooking! i am so excited to get a whole nights sleep--for a couple of nights straight!! YIPEEE!!! i have not had one of those in 14 weeks!! i am going to miss my baby but i know drew is going to have so much fun being here and spending some quality time with him! and dillon will be delighted to have some time with daddy too! he knows i love him and will miss him mucho but will be back in a couple of days to see how he has grown and how much he missed me!!!
here are a couple of pictures from mothers day!!! and yes i know we take a lot of pictures in the mirror--i just love them! :) and i can talk drew into getting in them with us! i love it! ;) he is such a sport sometimes!

xoxoxoxooxox mb


the ritchie's said...

Have a fabulous time. You deserve it! Can't wait to see your creative pages when you return.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

It's great that you still do these girls weekends - very important for you to get some rest & for Drew to get some bonding time in w/ Dillon!! :)

He is such a cutie. Hopefully I can come over for a visit some time this summer!

Billie said...

Have a fun weekend!

P.S. This smilely picture is cute enough to replace the bath-time one on my desktop. :-)

Breanne Crawford said...

love all the new photos! dillon is such a cutie!! have the BEST weekend ever!

athena said...

Cute photo!! Where did you get that camera strap??


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