it was a great weekend
---except that dillon is not feeling too well. this morning i thought he was getting better again until he ate... and he spits it all up--poor little guy. went to the doctor friday. he did not eat for almost a whole 24 hours! so hopefully he starts to mend! i am on vacation today..... and maybe home with the little guy again tomorrow. is he still is feeling bad!
friday we hng out @ home. SAtutrday in the morning we headed down to brampton to help celebrate my grammas birthday! we worked in the yard and in the house all day and got tons done! the yard looks great!
we came home when dillon was going to sleep.
sunday dillon and i went to the flea market in the am. so many vendors--so much stuff and we did not buy a thing!
later we headed to the barkers for breakfast!!! we got to see mal who jsut got back from a summer abroad. dillon was excited to meet his second cousin! he could not stop staring @ her!
sunday night dillon went to gramma and grampa's for an overnight while we went out! we rented a party bus with 20 friends and had a awesome night!!!! it is so fun getting everyone together!

Dillon got this hat for a present--and i finally got it out--it fits perfect! too bad he is not feeling well so he was not a fan of wearing it!

here are the latest moves..... he is doing better @ tummy time-- and if he is playing i love how he follows me out of the room and watches me! he wants to make sure i am not doing anything w/o him!

we also got to take our first family boat ride!!!

dillon and the birthday girl gramma marian. i think we will call her gigi. for great grandma!

here are a couple of the pictures from our night out! i have tons more to come!
my little sick baby boy is waking up--i am off.
be back later!

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I hope Dillon feels better soon!

You'll have to post your thoughts on the Bachelorette! My fave is Jake!!! If she doesn't pick him in the end, I'll take him! :)


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