here is my line up so far.
jake--the pilot--the dimples got me!
kypton-my FAVORITE...and ketchup only-we already have so much in common!!!!
the guy who could not think of a thing to say cracked me up.
mathue--the cowboy hat guy. but i think he might have reunined his signed hat now. oops
i could not understand the soccer coach from england!
wes the singer--loved the outift. jeans and a jacket--nice choice!
caleb the photographer!
josh the lifeguard!!
mark--the pizz shop owner!!
how am i going to choose!?!??!?!
i for sure could send a couple home already.
thank goodness for tivo or this would be a long 2 hours!!!
we had a great weekend @ the cabin
talking, slept through the night, lemon drops, shopping, found a cute dress, funny stories and juicey gossip!!!
oh no---5 more guys walked in the room----i think i like bryce and ed now too.
it is so funny to watch the jealousy that is already going on!
ok enough about the bachelorette
not a fan of the creepy feet guy! :( he might be nice and good looking but his fettish is weird!
so again we had a great weekend! i tried hybrid scrapbooking-mandy has been trying to get my to do it for awhile now--so she got me started and i could not stop! thanks mandy--i love how it looks--now i need to buy a new computer and a new 12x12 printer!
yikes! drew is not going to like this news!
so gald to be home--dillon loved his time with daddy! but i could also tell he was a bit of a mommy's boy on sunday! which i loved!
and tonite he had another night w.daddy---i had to attend a driver awareness class and to make it worse it was 1.5hrs away!!!---i got a big ticket and to get out of it i GOt to go to this class and learn! i actually learned some things---dont speed and get caught!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
see you Saturday! i love you!


amber b said...

love love love love the pages! so fun! i just bought a new printer and wish i would have gotten the 12x12 size-- but now i guess i will just have to start making the 8x11 pages... got your message the other day sorry I haven't called back but I am on the road tomorrow will call you then!!! -ab

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I have dvr'd the bach & watched it last night. My favorite is probably Jake the pilot? I also really like Juan. It seemed like she had a good connection w/ Kipton.

I was going to try not to watch, but Heidi sucked me in. It's our ritual to re-hash each episode & talk about our favorites!

Those page are awesome. You are so talented, meg!!!!

Breanne Crawford said...

i LOVE to see you scrapping. YAY.

Mel said...

Awesome pages!!! YOu an Ali E fan too?


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