mothers day!

my first mothers day is tomorrow!!! and i could not be more excited about it--not even so much about the day but the fact that i am the mother to the most beautiful, giggly, sweet, precious, loved, funny, spirited, laid back, adorable, smiley, handsome, snuggly, serious little guy in the world! i could not be luckier and i thank my lucky stars each and everyday that he is a part of our life! i know how lucky we really are to have him!!! i love you d!
swimming lessons are now over!
he loves the water---he just hangs out and watches. he is so laid back and is just content letting us splash him around! it wont be long and he will be wakeboarding out in the lake!!

and he is just loving toys! his auntie j gave him a little blankie and he loves to eat it! and he is now reaching and pulling on toys! it is so cute to watch him work and concentrate as he uses his hands!! he is getting so big! the one thing he does not want anything to do with is being on his tummy and holding his head or body up @ all. this picture is deceving--he hates it!!! but we are working on it day by day!!!
almost every morning dillon and i take a picture......he just started loving look in the mirror wether he is looking @ himself, me or the fan in the background--he loves it! i love this picture! i look a bit crazy--but i still love it!
and he just loves his daddy-whenever he comes in the room or talks to him he lights up!
both boys are fast asleep----dillon in his crib and drew in the chair watching the race!
i think i am going to go get some packing done for my craft weekend! i am off thursday to a weekend with the girls in brainerd! and drew and d are having a much needed daddy/d time! i am excited that they can have this time and of course that i can have some time to get a whole nights sleep--get some scrapping done and miss my boys!!!!
xoxoxoxox mb


the ritchie's said...

Happy Mother's Day Meagan!

Shelley said...

It's so funny...Andrew hated being on his stomach, too! Happy Mother's Day!!

Aunt Shelley

Breanne Crawford said...

happy happy happy mother's day meg. dillon is so lucky to have you as his mom! and ENJOY your time alone! a full night of sleep! what a luxury!!

Barker Family Blog said...

Oh my gosh - I miss him soooo much! Grandma's coming to the lake tomorrow, Dillon! Can't wait to see you and that beautiful smile of yours! You are getting cuter every day! Love, Grandma Becky

amber b said...

hope your very FIRST mother's day was a special one!

BetsE said...

I love the picture of Drew and Dillon together in the pool! They have the same expression! Too cute! Hope you had a great 1st Mother's Day! Talk soon!


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