he is feeling better---atleast i think!
we have been getting a lot of snuggle time in lately!
so excited for the weekend! the weather looks like it is going to be good. we do not have anything big planned! which makes us so happy!!! we are excited to relax and see family @ the lakes. and hopefulyl get my garden planted!
the bachelorette
not the biggest fan of jake anymore. i thought he was kind of corny. reminded me of a guy i went on a date with in college---which is not a good thing!
juan---friek! not a fan @ all
david--also a freek!! he needs to go home.
there are a couple others that i like but i can not think of thier names.
yes sadly i also watch gossip girl. i have not been watching it for weeks now but drew and i watched the finale last night. it has gotten so bad..... i love that high school girls walk into a bar @ their grad party and order drinks.... seriously!
i love that i found nectarines and peaches @ the grocery store tonite! that makes me happy
loved checking into the holiday inn express in sd for work and the first thing they asked me was what did you name him? i have not been there in over 5 months and they knew me and remembered. one of the girls that works there had a little boy names talen and i told her i loved the name and i was trying to convince drew of it..... anywho. i love small town USA
i am loving having the sliding doors open all day and night when we are home! the smell of the fresh air and freshly cut grass! that is my favorite!
love that we are going to be celebrating our 5 year anniversary next week! :)
love that it is friday tomorrow
love that my training for work that is due tomorrow i just got done! nothing like a little procrastination!
the best news of all----is that we are getting SLEEP here-all 3 of us!
dillon sleeps through the night no problem now! YIPEEEE----there seriously is nothing better. sometimes i find him sideways and sometimes he is facing the opposite direction. not sure how he gets himself to the other side but he does!!! he is a bit of a whodini
off to bed


the ritchie's said...

I love the pic of Dillon with his cap on. Glad to hear he is feeling better. Enjoy your relaxing weekend!!

amber b said...

love the hat! sorry we keep missing eachother on the phone - my mtg ran LATE on Friday -- so happy for you that Dillon is sleeping so well! that is because he has a great mommy!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yea for sleeping through the night! That's awesome!

I agree w/ you on Juan & David. They need to go. I still do like Jake, though. He was on the cheesy side, though, but I still like the guy... I really like Ed, the guy from Chicago. Looks like they have a 1-on-1 date tonight!


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